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Is there any news on the 500 Internal Server Error? We’re now wanting to go live with a brand new site, but can’t until we can do another import. I had hoped that rebooting the server would reset something so it might work for a while, or a few imports, again, but alas all I did was highlight an issue iwth the server that prevented it from booting properly! One stressed hour later & the server was back up & running, but sadly the import process still fails almost immediately with the 500 Internal Server error.

Having convinced my colleagues & the client that your plugin was the only way to go when you have a few hundred products, I’m kind of out on a limb now. I have a feeling it might work if I delete all the products & then don’t select the update option during import, but I daren’t risk it in case we end up with no products at all!

Any feedback today would be greatly appreciated – especially your thoughts on whether it’s more likely to work if not updating, if it’s worth importing wtih fewer columns – I could take out the category column, then put it back in & take out the image column – is that likely to help? A few of my categories go over 255 characters (which I know because it caused all sorts of truncation issues when exporting from Access!) – could that be an issue? And most of all of course, any idea when it will be properly fixed?

Don’t me wrong, for now I’m happy to implement whatever workarounds you suggest, as I just need this site to do one or two more update imports so I can go live with it.

hoping to hear from you today Michael,

Paul Cutcliffe