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Support Team

Hi guys, just catching up on topics, been focused on e-mails of late. Here’s a summary.

davidjeanneret, I too have been looking at reproducing and putting a workaround in the import process to avoid the 500 error, I hadn’t looked at execution time limits though, these can be overridden by some hosts. Since dependance on server sessions has been removed it’s possible to add support for partial imports when a fatal error like the above occurs. I’ll be tinkering with this in the coming Plugin update.

neddynosh, the measurement vales dropping off when using merge has been fixed in the most recent Plugin updates.

davidjeanneret, good point. I’ll make the change so that if a value of ‘0’ is provided then it is considered out of stock. I’ve also added an option in the next Plugin update so that you can turn on/off the notify store owner of low stock levels within WP e-Commerce 3.8.