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Hello Michael,
i used both plugins & seems fine for now. But…

I actually did all the code editing indicated from your readme doc. hopefully it will work all the way through but I am already running into problems–the pricing isn’t working correctly, for example:

as a logged in wholesaler, the product I already had listed was $13.49 in dashboard, showed on products page=$20.74
logged out: dashboard $13.49, products pg =$26.98

it is supposed to be $13.49 retail, & $7.25 wholesale.

I assumed I would have to re-enter product price at wholesale in dashboard so it went like this:

logged in as wholesaler: dashboard=$7.25, products page=$11.15
logged out: dashboard=$7.25, products page=$14.50

sample shop markups in code somehow inaccurate…never just 1.0 for standard pricing
& I did .5375 for wholesalers to get the appropriate discount difference. This I noticed from my above example is how wholesale pricing was calculating: $7.25(from dashboard) * .5375=3.89+7.25=$11.15 wholesale

thank you,