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Luke Carbis

Hi dontforgetmario,

In and out of countries – yes. I’ve been between Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Athens, all in a bit of a whirlwind. I’m in Rome now, and staying put for a while!

5. Maybe I didn’t understand the question correctly. Yes – Commission King automatically assings a commission to the commission recipient when the product is sold, but No – Commission King doesn’t automatically assign the commission settings (such as the amount, percentage vs. fixed, the recipients etc.) when you create a new product.

6. You can organise with your commission recipients to use cheque or direct deposit if you want to avoid fees, but unfortunately PayPal fees are something completely out of our control, and different for everyone. I will, however, add a disclaimer in the readme file for the next version of CK that mentions this specifically.

We’d love to continue to improve commission king to make sure it’s the best plugin of it’s kind available. If you have any specific feature requests, please make a new topic with as much detail as you can provide, and we can discuss them there.