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Michael Visser

bbPress… 🙁 It’s up to date and there’s no moderation queue unless Akismet flags it, I’ll have a look at what’s going on here at visser.com.au tomorrow; Friday play day.

Re: “one-time” line #1880 of includes/scheduled_export.php, it looks the WordPress Option woo_ce_auto_schedule is defaulting to ‘daily’ where a FORM value is not sent, it also will not save any change of value if there’s been no change to woo_ce_auto_schedule, woo_ce_auto_interval, woo_ce_auto_commence or woo_ce_auto_commence_date.

I’ll reproduce this and see if I can catch it in the act. I bet it’s a empty FORM value rather than the validation checking. I’ll have more news shortly 🙂