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Support Team

Hi actv-tec, thanks for raising this and each issue is important to me; whether it’s a new feature or a bug (you’d be surprised when something goes bad but the user likes the new outcome).

I’ll chase that error on Monday morning, it sounds like WooCommerce may be returning the array keyed where previously it was unkeyed which is now tripping us up. I’ll get this sorted and an early release in your hands via Support or in the next Plugin update (2.2.3) due this coming week.

Back story: There’s alot of magic involved in the Product’s export type Filter Products by Type option as it mixes Custom Post Types, Term Taxonomies and the odd Post meta just for fun as WP_Query cannot query multiple Custom Post Types (long story…).

Here’s the current 2.2.3 changelog so far:

* Added: XML order_items node for unique Order Items Formatting rule
* Added: XML order_item node for unique Order Items Formatting rule
* Added: Export support for WooCommerce Ultimate Multi Currency Suite (thanks Manoj)
* Added: Filter support for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce (thanks Jeffrey)
* Added: Dismiss option on export currently running notice (thanks Linda)
* Added: Filter to override case formatting (thanks Chrystel)
* Fixed: Total Quantity field not populating in XML export (thanks Ludvig)
* Added: Export support for WooCommerce Delivery Slots (thanks Florian)
* Fixed: Filter Customers by Status value using name instead of slug (thanks Philipp)
* Added: Export support for Products Purchase Price for WooCommerce (thanks Daniela)
* Added: Export support for WooCommerce Product Custom Options Lite (thanks Paul)
* Fixed: Remember Filter Orders by Product Category (thanks Raffaele)
* Added: Product Category filter to the Orders export type within Scheduled Exports
* Added: Draft/Publish actions to the Scheduled Export screen
* Changed: Moved Admin UI export filters to includes/admin/…
* Fixed: Not checking state of BOM option (thanks Ziv)