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Support Team

Hi David, thanks for getting in touch. You’ve stumbled on the most frustrating bit of WooCommerce Product Add-ons but there is a simple fix. 🙂

Within the Custom Order Fields dialog on the WooCommerce > Store Export > Quick Export screen clear the Order meta and Custom Meta text boxes and enter “Lunch” within the Custom Product Add-ons textbox. It’s under the Orders export type in 2.2+ but back in 2.1 and before it was found under the Products export type. Hit Save Custom Fields, select the “Product Add-ons: Lunch” export field and hit Export.

Background: WooCommerce Product Add-ons stores the Price symbol and value (e.g. ‘Lunch ($5.00)’ ) within the Post meta key which makes it a PITA to query as we (Store Exporter Deluxe) don’t know whether Lunch is $5.00 or €10.00 or ¥500, and the name has to be matching to return a result.