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Michael Visser

Hi mintprintworks, thanks for asking! What you have in your WooCommerce store are two types of Variations; Global Variations and per-Product Variations which are assigned to Products.

Global Variations are managed by the Products > Attributes screen which we can automatically detect as they are saved as Term Taxonomies which we can show as export fields. In your case this is the Size Attribute.

Per-Product Variations are managed on the individual Edit Product screen for each Product and cannot be automatically detected as we would need to scan all the Products to generate this list (it’s on the todo list). This is the Color Attribute in your case. So what you need to do is:

1. open WooCommerce > Store Export
2. switch to the Manual Export tab
3. select the Products export type
4. scroll down to Custom Product Fields
5. in the field Custom attribute enter the name of the per-Product Attribute in lowercase, replacing spaces with – (dashes):



would be entered as


6. Click Save Custom Fields

That’s it!

Select the new export field from the Orders export type and you’re good to go. You may need to run a few Product exports to ensure you’ve set the correct custom Attribute name for harder Attribute names (e.g. Box Size becomes box-size, etc.) 🙂

(Let me know how you go)