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Support Team

Hi tommisely, I’m on my development machine now, please use the Support link above to open a new support topic with us as we exclusively use the Zendesk support platform for helping Pro customers.


Looking at the notes above you are using most your hosting server’s allocated memory (RAM) before we even get to start exporting; this is the “219 of 256 MB (85%)” showing in the site footer for the Export screen.

That’s less than 37 MB available to:
1. query your Orders and filter out the ones you want to include
2. populate those Orders with Order data
3. use the PHPExcel library to generate an export file
4. save the export to the WordPress Media (optional)

To help others experiencing this issue (you have raised a topic on the community Support Forums) you will need to use Limit Volume and Volume Offset to generate smaller exports, or a better solution is to identify what WordPress Plugins and/or components of your Theme is consuming so much memory.

You can find more information about memory timeouts and limits here: