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Hi latestbuy, we do things differently to other exporters in that we do a little extra work cleaning up the column names and data exported into something usable rather than a straight database dump. This means formatted column names (e.g. _sale_price becomes Sale Price) and data (e.g. wc-failed becomes Failed, in-stock becomes In Stock, an Image ID becomes a full image URL) so you have a clean, readable export file.

You can export custom Post meta details for Orders through our code-free Custom Order Meta and Custom Order Item Meta boxes displayed on the Export screen for the Orders export type. Just fill in the custom Post meta key that you want (e.g. _custom_field_1) and we’ll fetch that field as part of the Orders export. We try to bake as many native export fields into our exporter so that you don’t need to dig out custom Post meta keys (we support alot of WooCommerce extensions!).

There’s an export field for including Order Notes and Customer Notes, they’re even split into separate columns depending on whether WooCommerce/a WordPress Administration made a note or the Customer added it. If you get stuck open a new topic or Premium Support ticket that is available to Pro customers! Happy exporting! 🙂