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Support Team

Okay, here’s the Price scenario. Since we’re using wc_price() – which is a far better solution than the existing Price formatting rules – I’ve gone ahead and disabled the thousands separator within exports; there’s a WordPress filter in there to override this as well as the separator itself within exports if wanted via:


The following prices (e.g. Order Total, Product Price, Product Sale Price, Order Item: RRP) will now look like:

– 1000,95 = 1000,95
– 1000.95 = 1000.95
– 9,95 = 9,95
– 9.95 = 9.95
– 10000,95 = 10000,95

Previously the thousands separator was included in price’s over 1000.00 and the Product Price field was being double formatted; leading to single digit Prices. I’ll do a quick sweep of open topics and release this minor Plugin update ASAP.