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Michael Visser

Hi mattkeowen, thanks for the feedback, we’re working hard to deliver the best export Plugin for WooCommerce.

We’re overhauling our scheduled export engine in the new year to support multiple templates by moving to a CPT (Custom Post Type) to store and manage scheduled exports, this means customers can configure what they want each scheduled export to include, when it should run, recipients, filters, all sorts of export fun. Right now we’re maxing out the WordPress Options we assign and the current implementation limits us to a single scheduled export per WordPress install.

Regarding the Archives directory, we’re using wp_upload_bits() to save exports and this by design saves content within the WP Uploads directory, I’ve made a task to look at if we can override this through WordPress filters so that an option field can be added to control where Archives should be saved, as above with the scheduled export change we should be able to override that Archives location on a per-scheduled export basis.

Thanks for the heads up on the fixed date filter not working within the scheduled exporter, I’ll get that sorted in the next minor Plugin update before the new year 🙂