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Support Team

Hi AuricConsulting, your topic got zapped to our spam folder so I’ve only just dug it out, regarding our importer:

– We use the Category column that is assigned to Products (e.g. Crayons>Red>64 Pack) to generate Categories as we process Products.
– We use the Product Name column to generate variations, we are in the process of developing a new method for generating and maintaining Product Variations which will be announced shortly and make it alot easier to do the above
– Product Images can be external URLs or relative image paths from the WP Uploads directory and can be assigned under the Image Product column, you can assign multiple Product images within the import file and we’ll do the downloading/saving/resizing on our end.

The best way to get up to speed with how our importer works is to use our free Store Exporter and manually create a few sample Products with all details provided, then export it to CSV to see what our importer expects to work with. Store Exporter Deluxe (which unlocks additional fields related to Orders, etc.) comes free with Product Importer Deluxe, hope this helps 🙂