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Michael Visser

Hi tooeleshootingsupply, you’re right in that the Usage document does need a Scheduled Exports area and I’ve made a note to sweep through and add that once the next Plugin update is out.

Re: Scheduled Exports

1. The Default remote POST URL is not ‘where’ the export file will be saved but the URL for a receiving web application that when configured can ‘receive’ our export and do more with it (e.g. a retail Back Office system may accept a XML file from us and use that to update inventory levels). You currently can’t tell Store Exporter Deluxe where you want to save the export other than the WordPress Media (where WordPress will ensure that the saved export is given a unique filename and places within the /wp-content/uploads/… directory). We will be adding FTP support in the next major Plugin update which will help with the above scenario of wanting to provide a place that exports should be saved.
2. Our export CRON engine uses a specific URL request structure to query the WooCommerce store database (e.g. http://www.domain.com/?action=woo_ce-cron&…)
3. Scheduled exports works independently of our CRON export engine, from the Settings screen select Enable Scheduled Exports, set the Once every (minutes) to a reasonable value (e.g. 30 for every 30 minutes), then set the Export Method to “Send as e-mail” and fill in the Default e-mail recipient. I’ll probably move the Default e-mail recipient and Default remote POST URL into the General Settings area as it is not restricted to the CRON engine settings.

Feel free to e-mail me directly at michael@visser.com.au, I’m happy to help 🙂