Wholesale Pricing for WP e-Commerce uses custom User Roles to apply different pricing levels against preferred customers (e.g. Subscribers, Wholesalers, Staff, guests/site visitors, etc.).

Wholesale pricing rules can be set via the Settings screen to be applied store wide for each User Role and/or overridden on a per-Product basis via the Add/Edit Products screen, pricing rules include:

  • Easy to use mark up/mark down controls for User Roles and Products
  • Support for local currency (e.g. dollar) or percentage based mark up/mark down (e.g. Add 15% mark up to all Products when viewed by guests/site visitors, or take $3.00 off all Products for logged-in Users/Subscribers, etc.)
  • Per-User Role fixed price overrides can be applied on per-Product basis (e.g. Sell Sample Product for $45.00 to Wholesalers, show default Price and Sale Price to guests/site visitors, etc.)
  • Disable Wholesale Pricing on a per-Product basis (e.g. Ignore pricing rules for Sample Product but apply to all other Products)

You can now bulk import/export Wholesale Pricing per-Product rules with Product Importer Deluxe.

WP e-Commerce Compatibility

  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.13.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Wholesale Pricing.



  1. Adrian CA Adrian

    Hi Michael,

    I noticed that the plugin is not updating the price of the function wpsc_cart_single_item_price() which is called in the shopping cart page to get the individual price of each row item. So i end up getting the regular price instead. How can I fix this?


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Adrian, thanks for raising this. Wholesale Pricing uses the wpsc_do_convert_price and wpsc_price filters within WP e-Commerce, whereas the function wpsc_cart_single_item_price() pulls the item price from the cart object which we don’t touch. I’ll fix this in the next minor Plugin update.

      • Adrian CA Adrian

        Any quick fix i could use for now?

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Unfortunately not, this function is outside of our filters so I’ll be adding a solution in the next Plugin update just for this type of template tag that accesses the object $wpsc_cart.

          • Adrian CA Adrian

            quickfix for anyone that needs it
            $cart_item->total_price / $wpsc_cart->cart_item->quantity));

            • Adrian CA Adrian

              weird that didn’t go through right, maybe it was the php tags?

              printf('%0.2f', $wpsc_cart->cart_item->total_price / $wpsc_cart->cart_item->quantity);

  2. orangesandlime AU Orangesandlime

    Hello Michael,
    Loving your wholesale pricing plugin. One problem: I can’t seem to make it work with product variations? How can I do this?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi orangesandlime, please update to the 1.7.5 Plugin update which brings per-variation as well as improved base Product support for pricing.

  3. webhank US Webhank

    is there any way to display the wholesale price AND the regular price?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi webhank, yes you can add the template tag wpsc_wp_original_price() to your Products Page and Single Product template. This will display the wholesale price as well as the standard/before wholesale price.

  4. Ursula US Ursula

    I am working on an ecommerce store for a client but the only tricky part is that on this store she would require the customer to shop a minimum of $500 to get the wholesale price… Do you guys have a feature on the plugin that allows me to set up a minimum amount on the wp settings after I install it. I want to know if you have this feature before I buy it.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Ursula, I don’t know of an existing solution to do this but have added it to my task list for inclusion in a future Plugin update.

  5. chirag IN Chirag

    Hi, is there any way to limit the minimum numbers of products, for example for wholesale price, user have to purchase minimum say 10 nos. of products. I want to set special freight prices for wholesalers – is this possible to have different freight rule for wholesalers?

    I also want to turn off paypal payments for wholesalers only. IS this possible with this plugin ?

    Please reply soon., I urgently need the information as I am working on my client’s store.


  6. Ollie Treend GB Ollie Treend

    Feature Request: Wholesale Shipping options
    It would be awesome if this plugin could also allow for custom shipping options to be setup based on the user group, as with wholesale product prices. This might be outside the scope of this plugin – but it would be very useful!

    Thank you for the plugin.

    • Jake US Jake

      I agree- the ability to set shipping for WHS orders would be very helpful, even if it was just a “shipping TBD” option. (or, better yet, have the options of “cheapest possible, USPS, UPS, etc but without a total price – to be determined later).

  7. Eva Wennman SE Eva Wennman

    is wholesale pricing working for product variations? I’m able to specify a price for a role in the product variation edit form but it seems like it’s not applied correctly. Setting a wholesale price on the product works but not on the products different variations. Is this a feature not yet implemented or am I doing something wrong.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Eva, please update to the latest release of Wholesale Pricing. Variation support is working and compatible with WP e-Commerce 🙂

  8. Rich GB Rich

    Im looking to be able to place a store wide discount on bulk purchasing but im struggling to find this feature available, can wp-ecommerce do this task for me ?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Rich, my Plugin does not support bulk discounting though I am looking into this feature. You can do store-wide and per-Product discounting with my Plugin but as above it does not support minimum quantity limits at this time.

  9. mojo TH Mojo

    great plugin for wp

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Thanks mojo! 😀

  10. roostar US Roostar

    Is there a way to show the discount???

    • Tyler US Tyler

      For example, is there an easy way to display the original price crossed out with wholesale price next to that?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi roostar, you can use the wpsc_wp_original_price() and wpsc_wp_you_save() template tags to display this information, it’s all covered in the Plugin’s readme.txt

  11. daud GB Daud

    I have one product to sale but in different quantities , i.e blocks of 200, 400 and 1000
    I have a client list.
    Only registered clients can purchase these blocks
    Each block of 200 costs 200 , but client group a gets 50% discount, group b 40% discount, and group c 30% discount.
    There is no deliveries as the blocks relate to a seperate service online.
    Can this software offer this functionality?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi daud, I haven’t looked into quantity-based discounting, this may introduced in a future Plugin update.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi jurij, sure can! Just add the visibility template tag to your Single Products/Products Page template and control the visibility for each Product from Products > Add/Edit Products. 🙂

  12. Michael Marchment AU Michael Marchment

    Howdy Michael,

    Just wondering if it was possible to set an individual price for each product for wholesalers rather than a percentage or minus XX amount for specific user.
    I have a client that sells tea and the pricing fluctuates according to blend, quantity, organic, fair-trade etc etc.
    Say, if a field for the importer was added (or maybe if purchased along side of Product Importer Deluxe), so all you would have to do is add in an extra column on an Excel but also have the option to add extra fields so you could have Standard User, Wholesale User, Premium User etc.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Michael, yes you can set an individual Price per User Role within Products > Add/Edit Products. The importer includes usage instructions for adding Wholesale Pricing fields to each Product 🙂

  13. Isaac Simon US Isaac Simon

    Hi there.

    I’m wondering if the custom roles you set here integrate well with the WP e-commerce members only plug-in?


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Isaac, if Members Only uses standard WordPress User Role’s then this shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂


    Hello, This is a great plugin! We can make user role discount based on this

    my Question is : can i set different discount in different product?

    Like this :
    iPhone 3G, Editor Discount 50$
    iPhone 3GS, Editor Discount 40$
    iPhone 4, Editor Discount 30$
    iPhone 4S, Editor Discount 20$


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi idPIXEL, sure can! You can manage this via the Products > Add/Edit Products page to adjust per-Product discounting/pricing. 🙂

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