This Pro upgrade for our Store Exporter Plugin unlocks all of the business-focused features, filters and options so you can design advanced WooCommerce exports to suit your store requirements.

Upgrading immediately makes it possible to export:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Brands
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Coupons
  • Subscriptions
  • Product Vendors
  • Events
  • Bookings
  • Commissions
  • Tickets
  • Reviews
  • Shipping Classes
  • Attributes

New export types are being added with each major Plugin update and regular minor Plugin updates add new export fields and filters ready to be included in exports.

Why use Store Exporter Deluxe?

  • Select and remember specific export fields to include
  • Drag-and-drop ordering of export fields
  • Native export support for 100+ extensions for WooCommerce
  • Field editor UI to override default export field labels with your choosing
  • Schedule automatic exports from the WordPress Administration
  • Schedule exports as attachments in e-mails, securely save to your WordPress Media or outside the WordPress Media directory, upload exports to remote FTP/SFTP servers or POST to cloud services
  • Schedule exports with fixed filenames
  • Filename Tags for dynamic export filenames (e.g. %dataset%, %date%, %time%, %random%, %store_name%)
  • Prepare export template preferences once and assign them to Scheduled Exports
  • Smart date-based filtering of Orders (e.g. today, yesterday, this week, last week, current month, last month, last 72 hours and manual to/from dates)
  • Multiple export filtering (e.g. Filter Orders by cancelled and refunded from last month)
  • Multiple Order Item formatting options (e.g. display all Order Items on a single row, individual row per Order Item, combined Order Item cells)
  • Export to CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX or XML file formats
  • Export individual and bulk Orders from WooCommerce > Orders screens
  • Export custom Post, User, Order and Order Item fields without coding
  • CRON export support for integration with POS, accounting and reporting systems
  • WP-CLI export for listing and executing Scheduled Exports
  • Compatible with the latest WooCommerce release and legacy releases; all the way back to WooCommerce 2.3!
  • GDPR compliant

Native Exports

Store Exporter Deluxe is unlike any other export Plugin as it natively integrates with 100+ WordPress and e-Commerce extensions to produce concise, filtered export data as opposed to simply dumping the raw data stored in Product, User, Order or Order Item meta.

We natively export store details from many popular WordPress and WooCommerce Plugins including:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Advanced Google Product Feed
  • Gravity Forms
  • Sequential Order Number Pro
  • WooCommerce Brands
  • WooCommerce Bookings
  • WooCommerce MSRP Pricing
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager
  • Checkout Fields Manager
  • Per-Product Shipping
  • Ultimate SEO
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager Pro
  • WooCommerce Extra Product Options
  • WooCommerce Events
  • … and more free and Premium Plugins.

Native support for additional Plugins are being added with each Plugin update and become available to export as soon as you update.

There are simply too many WordPress Plugins to list above, see our up-to-date listing of export supported Plugins and supported export fields. If your Plugin is not on our supported list our custom export field support allows you to export Post, User, Order or Order Item meta name without a code editor, or simply get in touch with us with details about the Plugin and we’ll add it in the next Plugin update! 🙂

Scheduled Exports

Store Exporter Deluxe supports multiple Scheduled Exports out of the box using the WordPress scheduled jobs engine (WP-CRON). This ensures that exports run on time and are delivered in a timely fashion, in the event a Scheduled Export fails to run detailed reporting is available from the Scheduled Exports screen shown in friendly, easy to understand notices.

Here’s some use cases for Scheduled Exports:

  • Send a daily e-mail of abandoned Orders marked as Cancelled to your marketing team for re-marketing
  • Upload your latest Orders marked as Processing and Completed every 10 minutes to a dropshipping service’s FTP or SFTP server
  • Upload a weekly backup every Sunday evening of your Customers to an off-site SFTP server
  • Save a list of your best performing Products to a fixed path on your server then give your affiliates FTP access to it

If you’re in doubt, let us know how you want to use Scheduled Exports in the comments section.

In the below example we’re uploading today’s Orders with an Order Status of Processing and Completed from Australia and New Zealand paid via PayPal to our supplier’s FTP server, this is happening every day at midnight.


Export Templates

Store owners can now save multiple lists of export field preferences which can be assigned for use by individual Scheduled Exports. What this means is you can create a list of pre-defined export fields once and those export fields set in the Export Template will be included when specific Scheduled Exports are generated. You control what fields are included in Scheduled Exports.



Store Exporter Deluxe maintains compatibility with the latest e-Commerce updates and where possible we go out of our way to maintain legacy support.

  • WooCommerce (up to 5.0.*)
  • Jigoshop (up to 2.1.*)
  • Exchange (up to 1.23.*)
  • WP e-Commerce ( through 3.13.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page as well as opening Dashboard > Updates from the WordPress Administration of your store.

How to Get Started

  1. Buy this Plugin
  2. Download, install, and activate the Plugin in your WooCommerce store
  3. Open WooCommerce > Store Export > Quick Export from the WordPress Administration
  4. Select an export type and some fields you wish to include in your export and click the Export button
  5. Your export will be downloaded by your web browser and is ready to be viewed

Check out our detailed documentation to help you get the most out of our Plugin. 🙂



Here's a showcase of Plugin testimonials received from the Comments section which make our day. :)

  1. FR Rolf Richter

    One of the best support we'd ever get!!! Very fast response (Cpt. Kirk would say Warp speed) :-)

    No, really, thanks for helping us in a fast and successfull way.

    best regards from Germany

  2. IE Hoguin

    Good plugin. Very handy for updating many prices on its website. The support is excellent. I had a special request and the support was very responsive in finding the solution. I recommend !

  3. UA Jaynie

    So pleased with this Plugin as it delivers everything it promises. Very happy clients as they are able to export whatever data they need easily.

    Byron and his team were very helpful and can’t fault the after sales support.



  4. IE Indigo Johns

    Really happy with the plugin and the support provided by Byron. Definitely recommend this plugin.

  5. IE Alex

    Great plugin and even better support! Thanks Byron!

  6. IE Dorette

    Wow!!! - where to begin.

    Byron - you are AWESOME!!!!

    1. One of the best support after a plugin was purchased
    2. Amazingly fast response time on tickets/mails
    3. Insanely patient and kind

    And the plugin works better than I thought.

    Thank you for this great product.

  7. FR Dimitris

    BEST pre-sales support :-)
    Very helpful and with suggestions even before getting the plugin!
    ...and in real action ...Great product!

  8. IE Charlie Manson

    Byron could not have done any more to help, I can honestly say these guys have a great product and go the extra mile!

  9. IE Lily

    Byron is so awesome I'm so grateful for the help he has given, the best plugin support ever. Thanks so very much.
    Many blessings xo

  10. IE Robert Tilton

    This is a great plugin, I got the bundle with Store Importer Deluxe and Store Exporter Deluxe.

    When I had questions about exporting and importing subscription product variations, support was quick to reply and was able to help me resolve my issue.

    Highly recommended!

  11. ZA Anni Bisson

    This is a really great plugin, does exactly what it says and works without a hitch. Easy to set up, and when I had a support question it was answered super quick and efficiently. 10 out of 10 - highly recommended.

  12. IE Lajos Papp

    I'm grateful to Byron because he could solve those issues which may be not his tasks. He could maximize opportunities of Store Exporter Deluxe which could meet my special needs. Byron answers very quickly, and i'm sure, that he can solve everything.
    I need to export subscription's data from WooCommerce which Store Exporter Deluxe can't handle in the basic version. Stroke of Byron's genius it can do it :-)
    Thank you!
    otherwise, the Store Exporter Deluxe works nice and can manage WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin's data

  13. IE Michael

    Just had some troubles and issue concerning custom WooCommerce exports. Thank you guys for helping me out with amazing support!

  14. ZA Matt

    Fantastic plugin that always works and works well! We have used this plugin on many WC sites and it has massive support for third party integrations which is a must with WC plugins that create their own non-native date setup. Their support is fantastic - some of the best I have seen for a WP plugin, thanks as always!

  15. ZA Info566

    Apart from the great functionality, in a few cases that i needed support the response was extremely fast and solved any problems!

  16. US Grégoire Garneau

    I use a plugin package and I must say that I have rarely had great service like Michael did. Thank you for your perseverance in ensuring that your plugin is always up to date!

  17. US Giovanni

    Great plugin! Very useful.
    Great support from developer. I ask for new support of third part plugin and I receive upgrade in 2 days! Wonderful.

  18. RO Vera

    Store Exporter Deluxe is a great tool to export your shop data easily and precise.
    Michael was a total GEM in helping us fixing an export problem and as we all know, good support is 80% of a good plugin.
    Thanks again

  19. PL Martin

    I use Store Exporter Deluxe and it really helps me and my business. It's easy to use, works smoothly and Michael patiently helps out if needed in no time. Worth every penny and I would definitely buy it again.


  20. GB Jonas Larsson

    This plugin is an important part of my back end work. I need to trust that what is exported is correct. Store Exporter Deluxe does this work very well. I can automate many time consuming processes. Like sending stock updates to re sellers as an example. Actually brilliant. Very good support that answers fast and add features if wanted. I can strongly recommend this plugin.


  21. AU Richard

    I've been using the Store Exporter Deluxe for nearly 3 years and it really helps me to automate the processing of my orders. The CRON feature (which was new to me but easy to understand) enables my administration software to 'collect' the orders from the website which it can then process.
    Support from Michael is fantastic on the odd occasion when I have needed help.
    Thank you for such a flexible and reliable product.

  22. AU Luke

    So nice, I reviewed it twice.

    This Plugin, alongside the Product Importer Deluxe, is the linch pin of our website stock management. Every single custom use-case scenario anyone could have, I have encountered and Michael and his team have been nothing but incredible with their support.

    I've used this for years and as my review from a year ago said, I couldn't recommend it more vehemently.

    Great work guys, on the Plugin and the support.

  23. US Felipe Cairello

    The Plugin has great capabilities and is pretty easy to use. Michael from the technical support helped me out on getting it to work exactly as I needed to and he was always very kind and helpful. I strongly recommend getting this Plugin!

  24. FR Atahualpa Seyffert

    I am using both duplicator pro and woocommerce store exporter and i am absolutley stunned by the great support this team offers. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP MICHAEL!!!

  25. AU Rob

    I tried almost every other data export plugin on the market, but each one would only do just a small part of what I needed it to do. Finally I found the store exporter plugin, and it literally did everything I needed, plus things I hadn't even though of! On top of that, the support is top notch, and goes above and beyond what you expect. Michael is not one of those elitist coders that talks down to you, which is unfortunately the case with many plugins out there.
    I highly recommend this product!!!

  26. FR Ritmeester

    Great Plugin and best support ever. I had some very specific wishes nowhere to be found, and he made it work, even wrote some code for me.

  27. FR Robert.newberry

    Thank you for your fantastic support and help with your Plugin.

  28. AU Declanbradfield1

    Excellent Support! Great Plugin that kills the competition.


  29. FR Xavier

    The Plugin works as expected, and the support is more than excellent.

  30. US Matt

    This is the go-to Plugin for us. Whilst the WooCommerce Store Exporter Plugin is more than adequate there's many more possibilities and configuration options with the Pro export Plugin. On top of which the online support is exceptional. Thank you Michael for all your help. It's a great service you provide.

  31. FR Fabian

    We´re using this Plugin since more of one year. It is a really good Plugin but the more impressive thing is the post-sales support. Michael is the best! He help us with some modifications to adapt the Plugin to our site. THANKS MICHAEL!

  32. KR Luke

    I’ve used this Plugin for 3 years now. Recently we've been trying to do something very specific to us and Michael and Morgan have come through again and again.

    ** I really couldn't recommend this Plugin and team highly enough. **

    The Plugin itself is well maintained, works exactly as expected, has legacy support and as mentioned the support is second to none.

    If you pair everything I've said with the money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose by trying this Plugin.

  33. KR Ben

    Amazing! And fantastic support from the author as well. Highly recommend.

  34. FR FabelMedia

    We have tried several export Plugins out there, and this one is by far the best Plugin out there! Also the support is out of this world, seriously!

  35. AU Dallas

    Great Plugin, and even better Support. Michael worked with me to help implement the Plugin, and was so great about it. Excellent stuff, thanks!

  36. US Pa

    Excellent plugin and support, thrilled with the customization options and professionalism.

  37. CN Yaniv Wainer

    Great plugin and absolutely amazing support!

    Don't bother with any other Woocommerce export plugins - this one has you covered from head to toe, and responsive, professional support to boot.

  38. CN Tim

    I've been using Store Exporter Deluxe for just over a year. The performance and reliability has been excellent - as a tool to manage our WC store it's really important, we have just purchased additional licences and renewed our support for another year.

    Before using Product exporter we tried various alternatives, some were quite a lot more expensive and just didn't work very well, so I feel we get really good value. As far as support is concerned Michael has always been 10/10.

    Whenever we've had issues (usually caused by third party Plugins) he's always helped us to the end - I cannot thank him enough! My honest advice is if you have found Visser - use the products and don't waste your time or money looking elsewhere. As a bonus the constant updates and feedback go back into the development with fast updates - overall very impressive and a very happy customer.

  39. NO Velimir

    Top quality export Plugin for WooCommerce and Michael's support is beyond every support I've encountered. Excellent job!

  40. DE Alessandro

    Excellent Plugin - Excellent Support. The Plugin itself is amazingly helpful. Never had big issues or anything and if you have a question, the support is extremely fast and friendly. It's like i could feel, how the developer of this plugin loves his work and because of that i am sure that i can expect a high-end quality Plugin.

    Nice work !

  41. US Gerald

    This is an excellent plugin for exporting reports and keeping track of data on our WooCommerce website. I've been using it for near 3 years. I've had 2 minor snafus with the Plugin. In both instances, I contacted Support and got good, quick responses. I appreciate the work the Plugin owner does. Good job! Recommend!

  42. CH Beni

    I can recommend this plugin – especially the support. I needed a couple specific functions for my business and Michael took the time to implement and troubleshoot the whole thing with me.

  43. IL Daniel Freedman

    We had a critical requirement that our client needed.
    The team at Visser Labs were helpful and had a response and fix within 48 hours
    The customer support and service is exceptional.

    I won't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone!

  44. NO Ørjan Steffensen

    Great plugin and fantastic support! (If you should need it). Michael is quick to respond and solve any problems. The plugin itself is easy to set up and customize to your needs with a bunch of filters for exact targeting.

  45. FR Oriano

    Super Pro version. Michael always available to help and solve problems. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  46. NL Ingmar de Vos

    Awesome plugin, and very friendly helpful support. Michael goes out of his way to help. The amount of extra code snippets, functions and support really is unheard of. Thanks!

  47. GB Chris Elmes

    Great product, great support - although in fairness the product is good enough that support isn't needed most of the time.

  48. GB Juliet

    We had a specific custom request for exporting customer orders and Michael responded quickly and gave us an extremely effective solution. Absolutely delighted with this plugin and the support offered.

  49. US Jamon Scott

    We had a need with respect to importing woocommerce products with a lot of variations. Michael responded to our request and a few trials and cups of coffee later sent us a resolution that worked perfectly. It allows us to quickly update our products on an affiliates site with very little effort. Our affiliate was delighted and Michael made me look really good.
    Thank you sir!

  50. NL Ingmar de Vos

    Store Exporter Deluxe is an excellent Plugin, one of its kind. Loads of improvements and additions with every update. Even more important, the support is as good as it gets. Very fast, patient, and knowledgeable. Also there are support pages with a lot of excellent code snippets for customizations and improvements. I was always helped personal, and a feature request was processed very fast. Many thanks!

  51. US David Garrard

    We are currently migrating our store from WordPress to Magento and needed a quick and painless way to export our current Products. The process was incredibly easy and the developer was incredibly helpful in working with us to customize the output for our needs. Customer service response time was practically immediate, even though we are on opposite ends of the earth. I highly recommend this plugin and any others from Visser Labs!

  52. IN Sarun

    Really fast and helpful personal support for useful Plugin.

  53. EE Taavi

    All questions have gotten an answer and everything just works. Great plugin and quality support! Thanks Michael. :)

  54. US Bob Orabona

    I am a bit of a novice, but Store Export Deluxe is intuitive. When I have gotten stuck, I use the support page and Michael is very quick in getting back with the help I need. SED is also very flexible. I had to create an export with the exact number of columns and correct data to upload into an older custom 3rd party software program. I was able to sort the data fields into the correct order as well as inset blank column as needed by the custom software. Thanks again Michael.

  55. GB Rees

    SED is a very useful plugin for exporting all manner of things. We had a problem recently and had to roll back to an earlier version.

    Michael got back from his trip and worked on it pretty quickly to find a fix.

    Thanks again Michael.

    The king of Shaves (freelance) Team

  56. AU The Philadelphia Web Design Co.

    I had a bit of a problem with the plug-in. Possibly bought the wrong one. Emailed Michael, easy to find contact info, and he replied and refunded me in under 15 minutes … on July 4th no less. That’s some pretty damn good service. Have no concerns purchasing from Visser. You’re dealing with a grown up.

  57. TH Chris Norton

    Store Exporter Deluxe fit the needs of my client perfectly. We experienced an issue after install that Michael was able to solve for us in under 24 hours. Highly recommended Plugin and excellent support!

  58. US Burmarben

    Michael was very easy to work with and we were able to get our problems solved with incredible support after the purchase.

  59. AU David

    I have never experienced such a high level of support and positive action on a Plugin as we have from Visser, ever.
    To say the response and attention to detail is exemplary is an understatement.
    We purchased this Plugin and had some issues caused by the way our site was originally constructed. Visser Labs worked on this after hours, over the weekend and came up with a revised product that just works.
    I am still astounded that we can purchase a product that is now a fundamental part of our business, and for such a modest amount, and have the level of service that I'd expect if we'd spent $20,000. Absolutely amazing.
    To think this is happening in Australia is a massive pat on the back for this developer.

  60. AU Lee

    As a fellow developer, I'm really impressed with the support provided to one of my clients, who purchased this Plugin to make life easier. A great result, and support was delivered with a friendly, professional and customer-focused manner. Many thanks, and very much recommended :)

  61. CA Suzanne

    Store Exporter Deluxe works perfectly even for the somewhat finicky way that I have to use it. Michael quickly made the adjustments needed so I could export exactly what I needed from the my website. I strongly recommend this plugin and it I will definitely be using it again. Thanks Michael!

  62. US Elaine

    Store Exporter Deluxe provides great flexibility and has met our order export needs perfectly over the past several years. When support is needed, it is prompt and friendly. Highly recommended!

  63. US Pborde

    We absolutely couldn't live without this Plugin. And the level of support is way beyond anything I expected. I recommend Visser Labs' Plugins 100% to anyone.

  64. GB Portia

    Really fast and helpful personal support for a really useful plugin. It is great for exporting product and order data for further processing with other tools.

  65. IT Raff

    It's magic! Store Exporter Deluxe is the perfect tool for export data from Woocommerce, it provides all features you need. Visser provides a great support. I'm ver satisfied.

  66. ES Luis

    Thank you Michael for your fast support and for your great Plugin!

  67. BG Boryana Koparanova

    Thank you, Michael! Everything is OK!

  68. NL Rogier

    This is a seriously well developed Plugin. Each time I look for extra functionality it's already there and when I ask for support I get reply within 24hrs. Nice work!!

  69. AU Danwm

    Didn't take long before I needed a couple of Visser Labs Plugins. Simple and providing that extra bit of functionality I was looking for.

  70. US Kim

    I love the amount of support you gave me for this Plugin. Thank you for helping my life be much easier with your Plugin!

  71. AU Paulthinkgrow

    I love this support. I was having issues setting up custom tabs and in no time I got responses from support. He even created scripts for me to solve my problems.

    Thank you very much!!!


  72. AU Craig Kirkby

    Fantastic Plugin and excellent support.

    I haven't found a more comprehensive export Plugin for WooCommerce and I searched everywhere! Plus, Michael went out of his way to answer my many questions until I got the highly customised export I needed.

    Thanks, Michael!

  73. BE Thorsten

    'Store Exporter Deluxe' is not a luxury but a must-have.
    Now I can easily export any kind of dataset from WooCommerce for further analysis in Excel/Access according to my needs.
    But it is not just a great product but included in the package is a supersonic support.
    Thank you Michael!

  74. CA Philipp

    Really good plugin. The only one that allowed us to export every important type of content. Especially larger clients to a lot of reporting in Excel and the default WooCommerce reporting features are simply not enough.

    Thanks Michael, great work!

  75. BE Thorsten

    Great Plugin and super fast, friendly and very efficient support.
    After a great experience I recommend to everybody to upgrade to the 'Store Exporter Deluxe' version.
    It is worth every penny!

  76. DE Dino

    Great Plugin with an amazing support! They are always nice and reliable... I'm happy to use their product!

  77. NL Niels

    A really great Plugin with even better support of Michael! Thanks Michael for fixing the 1% I couldn't fix myself!

  78. GB Dave

    This is a quality Plugin and the only Plugin I've found that lets users export data from TM Extra Product Options in a genuinely useful way. I had to get in touch about a little bug I found and the support is truly outstanding - quick, clear and helpful. Can't recommend this plugin enough - thanks very much!

  79. FR Chrystel

    This Plugin works very well and is very useful. The support is just great, they do everything to help you! Thank you very much!

  80. DE Behrang

    Great support!!! I work with a lot support of extensions/Plugins. This is rare!! I was answered and solved within days! Great and fast!

  81. NL Pam

    Absolutely stellar support on a very versatile, flexible Plugin with many options. The only Plugin out there that ticked all the boxes for my client.

    I've had two issues now, the last one had absolutely nothing to do with this Plugin but Michael took the time to look into it and found the problem. Unlike so many plugin support desks that just tell you that their Plugin isn't causing the problem and good luck, here is one that wants to HELP :).

    Much appreciated and will continue to use with pleasure.

  82. US Charles

    The support I got from Michael has been absolutely incredible. He was able to pinpoint the very situational issue I was having with the Plugin and fix it. It means a lot to see this kind of depth in support for a Plugin. I wish more Developers put time into their customers like Michael here.

    10/10 Plugin and 10/10 Support. If you need to rely on an export Plugin this is the one for you.

  83. GB David Proctor

    Michael's support is second to none. He is quick, efficient and very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for him and he treats each support request with enthusiasm and vigor. When you add to this how good the Plugins are it really is a winning combination.

    The export Plugin is by far the best one available for WordPress. Even the official WooCommerce one is nowhere near as good and their support is not great. When given the option between a Plugin from Visser Labs and another team, you should choose Visser Labs. You won't regret it.

    Many thanks for your help again, and your great Plugins!

  84. NL Lydie

    The support is very good! Quick reply and my problem was solved within a few hours.

  85. LV Andrejs Vasiljevs

    Great plugin and support. Thanku guys!!!

  86. NL Axel

    Stumbled on a small bug that needed fixing. Michael excelled in his motivation to solve this problem. As others say, great support for the money.

  87. US Casey Powers

    This Plugin is a lifesaver for me and my business. I'm blown away by the amazing support I received when I requested a new feature. Not only was the feature created but it was installed and tested on my site within days. I've had so many bad support experiences with Plugins in the past I can't say enough how amazing it is to receive this level of support. The Plugin itself is terrific and solves a number of business challenges for any store owner.

  88. US Myles

    I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this Plugin and the service you get for the price. As a new WooCommerce/WordPress user I'm blown away.

  89. CH Daniel

    Very powerful Plugin and fantastic support! Replies within a few hours, not just the usual standard Q&A but really addresses your issue, helps out even if it's not 100% in the scope of the Plugin

  90. DE Valentin

    Very powerful plugin, worth every penny! We use it on several huge stores for scheduled order exports sent to fulfillment and shipping partners.

    Plugin is highly customizable and extensible via filters and functions, and the premium support is outstanding! Features and performance have improved greatly this year and I'm already looking forward to next year's updates :-)

  91. AU Rob Sherington

    Great plugin with heaps of features. Support is excellent – we had a specific feature request which Michael turned around in record time.

  92. EE Taavi

    Best store export plugin around. The quickest support ever seen. Keep up the good work!

  93. US Matt Kauffman

    Support for this module is fantastic! We were moving from WooCommerce to another platform and Michael went out of his way to be sure we could get all our subscription data we needed. To give this level of support to a short term customer isn’t common these days. Thanks again for going out of your way to support an older version!

  94. NL Michel

    Not only a great plugin, but also one of the fastest and best support around!

  95. NL Barry

    WOW WOW WOW! Ok a plugin has to work of course, but my site have already a lot of diffrent plugins, so when i activated the plugin it did not worked a 100% . After mailing my problem Michael fixed my problem in no-time! And every stupid question i asked he gave the best answer! I specially love the function to re-order the columns and rename them! THANKS THANKS THANKS! 5 stars 10 stars i give you the galaxy!

  96. US Cory Kleinschmidt

    The best WooCommerce export plugin, hands down. We've used several of them, and this is the only one that does everything we need, specifically robust support for the Extra Product Options plugin. Support is fast, thorough and friendly. Highly recommended.

  97. CA ChristianJules

    First of all, the support for the exporter and the importer is great: fast, personalized.
    Then, all I can say is that the Store Exporter Deluxe as well as the Product Importer Deluxe are awesome. I have used during 3 years other plugins (the Woocommerce ones), and switched to those a couple of days ago - they are just great, categories and pictures are seamlessly exported and imported (not the case of the other plugins, when it comes to large stores, believe me). I would have saved weeks of work if I had used these plugins since I started to work with Woocommerce!

  98. FR Jean-Baptiste

    Very good plugin. It's doing what we want. And very good support : reactive and competent. Thanks!

  99. ZA Susie

    Thanks Michael. I purchased the plugin today. It works perfectly. Great plugin and great support. Thank you.

  100. US Tina

    What can I say that is any better than what others have said? I really can't....

    The support here goes above and beyond to help and are prompt with their replies. Wish more Plugin authors would follow suit.

    The Plugin itself...

    I have both exporter and importer and let me tell you it makes life so much easier! In my case I have to import products from eBay (a seperate Plugin) on a weekly basis, then edit prices and such on each. Before I found these Plugins I was doing this by hand on 200+ products a week. These tools now allow me to import all my eBay data, export it to a CSV file, make all my edits and re-import. Took a job from 2-3 days a week to 3-5 hours a week!

    Thank you Visser Labs for an AWESOME PLUGIN which works seamlessly with my setup and has saved me tons of time ;)

  101. US Alfred

    The Store Exporter Deluxe pick up where WooCommerce left. It allow us to export data with the great benefit of having daily schedule email exports.

    I have to say that support is one of the best i have deal with. Unfortunately i wish that WooThemes support would be as good and fast as Visser Labs one.

    The ability to export custom fields with our orders had open new doors for reporting in our company.

    Keep the good work Visser Labs!

  102. US Dennis Davis

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  110. DE Andreas

    Andreas - Renderpeople

    Great plugin, exactly what I was looking for. And thanks for the great support. Issues solved within no time.

    I can do nothing but recommend you!!!

  111. DE Jolien De Baerdemaeker

    Best support ever!

    Bought Store Exporter Deluxe a few months ago and ran into minor problems a few times. Both times the plugin authors were very kind and very helpful. Our problems were solved in a very efficient way! I can only recommend this product!

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    Now to prevent this happening in the future I'm setting up a second shop with a better base, fewer plugins, no cron-castrator and everything set up to auto-update (I inherited the old shop with a gazillion plugins).

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    Thanks to Mickael for his help
    This plug'in is the best for export data to another place (ftp, mail)

    Patrice Informatique

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    You went way beyond the call of duty to get things fixed.
    Kudos (y) <- this is supposed to be a thumbs-up icon

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    Thanks for your help and advice!

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    We really needed a booking export that works for us and now we have it! Really thank you for the kind and good support!

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    Thank you again Michael!! All the best!

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    They fixed my issue only few hours after I contacted them.
    Very efficient.

    Thanks Michael.

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    I purchased this plugin a couple of days ago because I needed an xml export from my products for an affiliate partner. This xml export should be updated automatically and my affiliate partner should be able to download the xml export whenever they want with a separate link.
    I had a little bit of trouble establishing this but with the excellent help of Michael from support everything was set up in a couple of days. The xml file is now exported to the server and renews every day!

    Thank you very much!

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    Visserlabs offers great, uncomplicated support with excepional response time!

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  131. US Daniel

    I advised this problem. It turned out that it was appropriate option. It was enough to export orders and appeared with every client list of their products.

    BTW this is great and powerfull plugin!

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    Thanks a lot !

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  1. Loz GB Loz

    Hi, sorry if you’ve answered this before, but I couldn’t see it:

    In the export options, can you change the order of columns / order the data before export?



    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Sure can Loz, it’s all drag-and-drop so very easy 🙂

      • Loz GB Loz

        Perfect – cheers!

        • Loz GB Loz


          I have installed the plugin and ordered fields – just having problems with the ones from Checkout Add-Ons – In the add-ons module, I have three check-boxes, which have been checked for some test orders. in the export csv though, they seem to have the headings Order Item #1: Checkout Add-ons ID Order Item #1: Checkout Add-ons Label
          and the cells are blank – are you able to point me in the right direction please?



          • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

            Hi Loz, can you check that the Fee ‘Order Items Type’ is selected under Export Options. If this persists please open up a ticket from the Support page. 🙂

  2. Peter SK Peter

    pre-sale question.
    My client need to export every order with order status “processing” and order status “completed” with automatically sending to one email.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Peter, our “Export Trigger on New Order” feature within the Settings tab generates an Order export on every new Order – we use the woocommerce_checkout_update_order_meta hook within WooCommerce – unfortunately at this time does not support filtering by Order Status (it runs when a new Order is populated by WC) or sending to e-mail addresses (it saves to the WordPress Media).

      I’ve made a note to add support for both of these features in the next major Plugin release or earlier.

      • Peter SK Peter

        When do you circa expect this update?

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          The 2.0.1 update will go out Thursday (2 days) with some fixes for the scheduled export engine and send to e-mail support for triggered Orders 🙂

          • Mark CA Mark

            Hi Michael,

            I’ve installed 2.0.1 but Scheduled Reports still aren’t working. Are there still known issues with this release?


            • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

              Hi Mark, I’m working with several customers to reproduce why scheduled exports aren’t working and so far it’s been a case of corrupted WP-Cron tasks (hundreds of registered tasks which means our export doesn’t run) or memory limit/timeouts affecting scheduled exports. Best to raise a Support ticket or continue following up on an existing ticket if already opened.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Daphne, yes we do support that Plugin in our Product and Order exports 🙂

  3. Lorri US Lorri

    I’m looking for a way to export orders to import into quickbooks.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Lorri, what import format does Quickbooks accept? See our sample exports and supported export fields for Orders 🙂

  4. Carlo IT Carlo

    Hi, this is a pre-sale question.
    In the export xml tags there are also the link of images?

    thank you very much

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Carlo, sure is, for both Featured Image and Image Gallery separated by the Category pipe character. In a future Plugin update I’ll split each image of these fields into separate elements.

  5. Bill Horvath US Bill Horvath

    I just updated to the latest version. I understand I can now schedule more than one report. Great! However, I need two scheduled reports for orders. I see where I can create the 2nd report and schedule it, but how do I change the fields I’m exporting? The first report is already taken care of.

      • Bill Horvath US Bill Horvath

        Thank you, Michael. To be clear, I can schedule multiple reports now, but they will export all fields within the type of report I choose to export? Any idea when 2.0 will be out? It would be a huge time saver since I currently have two reports I’d like to schedule, and each need many fields excluded from the report.

  6. Patrick HK Patrick


    I have integrated the WPML with the Woocommerce for handling orders with different currency. Can I use the Store Exporter Deluxe to export the currency code, exchange rate for the order?


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Patrick, we’ve added Product export support for WPML but I’m not familiar with the currency code and exchange rate; I’m sure we can export it! Give the Order export a go – as it might work without any changes from me – otherwise open a Support ticket and we’ll get that added in 🙂

  7. Josh AU Josh

    Compatibility question:
    Hi, I have WP-Ecommerce version, and Store Exporter version 1.6.4 all running on WordPress 3.4.1
    Do I have any compatibility issue here? Im trying to export the products using your plugin but after I check all the fields I want and click export it just refreshes the page. No popup to save anything, also no export available in Archive’s even though the option to save them in archives is enabled.
    We’re moving to another e-commerce solution and we have 2700 or so products to migrate.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Josh, you’ll need to update your WP e-Commerce site to a minimum of, I recommend setting up a staging site with the same content and updating to that release then using our SED Plugin to export Products, etc.

      • Josh AU Josh

        Hi, I updated to and am still having the same issue.

      • Josh AU Josh

        Hi Michael,

        If I purchase the deluxe version, could you get this working for us? Have updated wp-ecommerce to, using WordPress 3.4.1?
        Really need to get these products exported.
        Will it output the CSV to have Product Name, Product Description, Price, Category Name, and a few others all in the one CSV? I tried exporting the table out of the database which works but it doesn’t list the actual name of the category the product belongs to which I need.