This solution allows store owners to process sales immediately where a customer prefers to call in/mail order and gets around the inconvenience of creating a new customer order through the Checkout page.

Order and customer details are collected on the Store > Add Order page within the WordPress Administrator and is stored alongside standard online orders appearing in the Store > Sales page and dashboard widgets.

Plugin Integration

Manual Ordering integrates with Offline Credit Card Processing allowing store owners to create new Sales through the WordPress Administration and attach credit card details to the Sale there and then.

Manual Ordering now also integrates with the Members Access Plugin from allowing store owners to process site memberships without leaving the WordPress Administration.

WP e-Commerce Compatibility

  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.13.*)


The latest release can be downloaded from your My Account page.


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out our Documentation for Manual Ordering.



  1. simon EE Simon


    do you guys provide an option to manually enter credit card details in the back end after a phone order has been placed?

    process is that the customer is creating the order in the storefront and in case its a phone order (we also provide paypal option) we then call him back to get the CC details to finish the order.

    currently I need to create a new order in the front end based on details given the previous one and cancel the old order. very cumbersome.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Simon, if you use our Manual Ordering and Offline Credit Card Processing you should be seeing a Card Details box appearing within the Add New Order screen. This might not be showing depending on the WP e-Commerce version as I understand we haven’t made a compatibility update for WPEC 3.11+

      • simon EE Simon

        so this will work with woocommerce 2.4?

        do I need both plugins for that?

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi Simon, nope, Manual Ordering is a WP e-Commerce only Plugin and not compatible with WooCommerce. I’d be happy to add a ‘Card details’ widget to the Add New Order screen for WooCommerce if there is interest. Send in a ticket via the Support page of our website 🙂

  2. Jeannette US Jeannette

    Hi there,

    My business partner and I are very interested in your plugins. Would it work if we wanted to securely capture our customer’s information (name, address, cc info) through your a form on our website and allow us to make offline cc transactions for them in the future?

    Also, would this work with Squarespace or only WordPress?

    Thanks for your time,

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Jeannette, you’re best using our Offline Credit Card Processing Plugin to collect an initial Order with customer card details then charge it via your payment processor’s virtual terminal. Our Plugin does not automatically process charges it merely collects the information and forwards it to the store owner by splitting the card details between an e-mail and partial non-sensitive storage in the WordPress database.

      • Jeannette US Jeannette

        Hi Michael,

        Thank you for your help. Are these plugins only available through WordPress or are they compatible with Squarespace?

        Thanks again!

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi Jeannette, you’ll need to migrate your website/storefront to WordPress and use the WooCommerce Plugin to use our Plugins 🙂

  3. Anastasia SE Anastasia

    I have had your plugin Manual Ordering ver 1.3.6 and wp ecommerce ver Where Add order button? It’s disappear someway!!! I need help!!!!

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Anastasia, can you please de-activate Manual Ordering from Plugins within the WordPress Administration and then re-activate it again to see if the Add Orders menu appears under Products. If after this please get in touch and I’ll jump in and take a look.

  4. VeronicaClare ZA VeronicaClare

    Sorry to move in here JF, but you seem to have grabbed Michael’s attention which is great. Thanks for linking to my forum post, hopefully that means it has been read. There are only 311 products on the shop in questions so I don’t think that is a defining issue.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi VeronicaClare, I’m sweeping through support e-mails and comments, there’s been alot of recent activity in both development and support so I’ve let the forums part go a bit. I find alot of duplicate comments and topics which I have a solution for in our new site design that’s being worked on.

      I’ll be tightening up the forums this week and will respond to your topic shortly.

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This can be done with our Edit Orders Plugin that adds the ability to change the details of on order from within the WordPress Administration.


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