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  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8 ready (up to 3.13.*)


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  1. CreativeNatives GB CreativeNatives

    Hi Michael

    There are two issues that seem to be a problem. The one has been ongoing in various forms and the other is new.

    1 – When an order is edited for a second time, the first product is added again as another item (this has happened in various forms, previously as a 0 priced item) a pattern I think I may have found is that the product duplicated is usually the first item.

    2 – When adding a product to the order, if a product has variations and a variation is out of stock, then the entire product is disabled in the dropdown.

    Please address these issues asap.

    Thanks so much

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Veronica, the first issue has been resolved in the next Plugin update due for release shortly/later today, this will be a major update with alot of changes I’ve been working on.

      Once that’s out in the wild I’ll look into why an entire Product is marked as unavailable when a single variant is out of stock and will promptly issue a minor Plugin update to resolve this.

  2. sami1255 NL Sami1255

    I have been trying to reach you guys via forum, email, support, contact. It seems no body care here after you pay for the buggy code.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi sami1255, we’re here. It’s just the weekend right now so we’re either having a weekend or in my case spinning up a major Plugin update for Edit Orders. I’ll swing past your topic shortly.

  3. Jo Hunter AU Jo Hunter

    Another issue I just found please append to previous comment:
    If you are trying to add a product to the order, only some of the products appear in the dropdown list. Probably only about 1/6 of our products are in this list. Fiddling with the order trying to add another different product actually resulted in duplication of the product already in the order.

    • CreativeNatives GB CreativeNatives

      Yes, we have found this issue too

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Jo, I’m reproducing these issues and will respond shortly.

      Looking at the markup I can see the following:
      – only Products with a Product Status of Published are shown in the list, also that
      – out of stock Products (that is Product with a limited quantity set and no available stock) are shown in the list but disabled

      I’m loading up a clean sample store to reproduce the order duplication issue when editing existing orders.

      • CreativeNatives GB CreativeNatives

        Hi Michael

        It seems that if a product has variations and one of those variations is out of stock, the product is in the list but disabled. Not really ideal. Could a fix for this be added to the new release? Do you know when it might be ready?


  4. Jo Hunter AU Jo Hunter

    Hi Michael

    I am using 1.5.2 with wpec

    Say someone orders 2 products, and I want to delete one off their order (maybe it was actually out of stock – a separate wpec issue), it does remove it from the order but it duplicates the product remaining so the count is still 2. I am removing the product by clicking on the red cross and clicking update.

    Please advise solution, thanks.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Jo, I’ve patched this issue in the next Plugin update, it’s due to us not touching the wpsc_claimed_stock. I was letting WP e-Commerce manage this but it looks like we need to intervene when adjusting cart quantities using Edit Orders.

  5. CreativeNatives GB CreativeNatives

    Okay so this is the third time I am requesting this, I am hoping a public forum will get a response. I have sent two emails to you requesting the link to the updated plugin as it is not available in my client area. I do not want to pay for it again. I have now waited 48 hours for your response as indicated in your support section, but have not received any. I need to update my client’s site, please send me the link or tell me how to get the updated plugin, barring spending $65 again.
    Thanks so much

    • CreativeNatives GB CreativeNatives

      Thanks for getting back to me Michael and sending me the updated file. I look forward to seeing your site when it is fully up and running 🙂

  6. Rob US Rob

    Is there a way to extend this to allow orders to be placed via the wp admin console? Would be useful in scenarios where customers call with technical issues. Love the edit order functionality for changes to orders (like size, etc). Works great thanks!

  7. mido PH Mido

    Hi i downloaded the latest version of the plugin and i activated it the problem is on localhost when testing if i click on the pencil to edit the product i get the cross “X” and the Check Mark so i can edit the product but once i set the site live and i click on the pencil nothing happend the javascript hangs and just keeps on turning around without anything happening can anyone help me with this?

    • VeronicaClare ZA VeronicaClare

      Hi I have the same problem. This plugin conflicts with three plugins that I use (if I deactivate the plugins the edit orders plugin works, if I activate them, I get the same problem as you). I have asked for assistance by sending two enquiries via the contact form and have posted on the forum but am still waiting for some acknowledgement from the developer.

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Hi VeronicaClare, I’ve forwarded your support onto my colleague who can assist with making our Plugin compatible with other WordPress Plugins, jQuery either works well or not at all so if we can help the other developers we’ll do our best. You’ll be contacted shortly for more information.

        • VeronicaClare ZA VeronicaClare

          Thanks so much :0) I look forward to hearing from you

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi mido, I’ve raised this with my colleague to investigate further.

  8. Ted SE Ted

    Hi all!
    I have a huge issue. When i change the product price and hit update, the product price jumps down to 0, but the total price is still the same. My client must have his site up pretty soon and with this bug i cant go live with the site. Any fixes?

    • Ted SE Ted

      I really need this o be fixed!
      I cant update the product item, as soon i hit update, the product item is displaying 0 instead of the value i typed in. The total price doesnt update either, and when im trying to remove a product item i get a error-message.
      Please please help!

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Ted, thanks for raising this. I’ll reproduce this and issue a Plugin update to add compatibility with WP e-Commerce 3.8.8.

      • Ted SE Ted

        Thank you so much! 🙂

        • Ted SE Ted

          I tried it on e-commerce 3.8.8 and i still get the same errors. But i think i found the cause for the problem. Im using swedish krona as the currency, and thats when the problem starts. When i change the currency back to lets say australian dollar then the item price saves when i hit update. So it has something to do with the currency.

          Another thing is when i click edit sale within the sales-log details all fields is reset, so i must go through the products->edit orders otherwise it doesnt work.

          • Ted SE Ted

            Hello again, sorry for being a pain 🙂

            I managed to fix the problem. It was all about the currency! Since im using swedish krona, the currency symbol is SEK, and not $, £ etc. So its 3 letters not 1, so i had to change the code in wpsc-admin_eo.order.php at line 43 so that it would substract 3 instead of 1. If anyone using the plugin and has a currency code with 3 letters, this is what you must do in order to make it save properly.

            The only thing to fix at the moment is that total price doesnt update automaticly when you change the item prices, but that i can live with 🙂

  9. dunskii AU Dunskii

    Is there anyways of getting a copy of V 1.4.3 and seeing if that works

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi dunskii, I’ve just released 1.4.5 which should clear this up. Please let me know if there’s anything I can add to the next minor Plugin update. 🙂

    • easilyamused US Easilyamused

      Plugin is now 95% working. there is nothing stopping someone from using this plugin at this time.

      There is a couple small bugs but nothing to big, will report on them later.

      The plugin is working again, and if you where holding off on buying – its now safe to paypal ;c )

      • Laura GB Laura

        Please see my comment below – still some bugs which don’t update the total cost, shipping costs, etc.


    • Saowanee NL Saowanee

      i just got another inasne idea, is it possible to know when a plugin is finished updating and then rewrite the old files that i changed back into the plugin folder? also, any example on extending a plugin class in another plugin. thanks Mar 12 at 12:59

  10. Laura GB Laura

    Hi there – edit orders isn’t working for me either:

    I can only see a max of 5 products which I can add not all the products
    total does not update
    any changes does not update
    send user an email -does not happen

    Plugin doesn’t work at all!

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Coming to the rescue, prepping a minor Plugin update that has an override for wpsc_get_action() to sort this out, the cause remains the same, one of the Plugins in the suite is loading an old copy of this now crucial function.

        I’m also introducing a version check for common functions across the Visser Labs suite to avoid this happening in the future. 🙂

    • easilyamused US Easilyamused

      @laura most the problems are fixed now.

      • Laura GB Laura

        Thaks – will have a look.

        • Laura GB Laura

          Just downloaded the latest version of the plugin and alhtough I can add and delete products in the product details box and this is working fine, there are still some very important bugs that need to be fixed. Notably:

          (1) Sales Details box – The total price does not update when I add/delete a product from the product details box above

          (2) Although I can modify the shipping price/coupon price/total price, in fact all fields in the sales details box, when I press update, they do not update – they reverts back to what I had originally before. Furthermore I get the following error coming up:

          Your billing/contact details is a required field.
          Shipping Address is a required field.

          Although these fields have been inputted!

          (3) When I press send an update email to the customer – the product list has changed as per my changes in the product details box. But the total/shipping/etc still remain as they were. For example, my original total was £1. I added two new products, such that the total should be £5. However, the total still remains at £1.

          Can you please have a look and fix these as I can’t do much with this plugin as it is!

          (1) When I add a new product or delete a product from the order, The total does not update in the box with the shipping price, etc.

  11. Andrew AU Andrew

    Hi again,
    Just want to confirm that we can edit the shipping total of an order .

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Great to hear, now that Edit Orders is using the WordPress UI I’ll be tying in more Sale controls so expect more Plugin updates appearing within the WordPress Administration. 😀

      • dunskii AU Dunskii

        Probably should have said I need to confirm that edit shipping had been added.
        Anyways, bought the plug in and added it to my clients test site.
        The plug in seems to have installed properly and has the edit orders links, though when I try and edit the order nothing seems to happen.
        WP ver 3.2.1
        WPEc ver 3.8.5
        Edit Order Ver 1.4.4


        • easilyamused US Easilyamused

          Same here ; c (

          Will write up a detailed report in the morning.

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi dunskii, please ensure you’re using the latest releases of all Visser Labs e-Commerce Plugins, it’s likely a common function is out of date from another Plugin; especially if it’s a $_GET link which Edit Orders uses. Please let me know if this fixes it. 🙂

          • dunskii AU Dunskii

            Ok updated the other visser lab plugins with out any luck :S

            • James US James


          • easilyamused US Easilyamused

            I made a quick screen cast walking you through all the bugs that i could find.

            The plugin is not working just like @dunskil said.

            Is there a place in the forum we can more this conversation too?


  12. easilyamused US Easilyamused

    When i edit a order its gets removed from the customers history.

    This is a BIG DEAL!!!

    what can we do to fix this. or how do i go about getting a refund?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi easilyamused, I agree that Sales unlinking from a customer’s account is a big deal so let’s get this resolved. This has been working in prior releases so could be due to a change in WP e-Commerce; happens from time to time. I’ll look at this on my end using WP e-Commerce and the latest Plugin update, feel free to e-mail or Skype me any additional site details, thanks easilyamused.

      • easilyamused US Easilyamused

        Thank you for the update, and i do understand.

        We are kinda on a tight dead line. Do you think you will have this fixed in a day or so?

        Also any update on the editable shipping?

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi easilyamused, I’ve identified the affected area of the Plugin and will push a minor Plugin update tomorrow to resolve this. I’ll take a look at the shipping option too; shouldn’t be hard. Thanks easilyamused. 🙂

          • easilyamused US Easilyamused

            Thanks for all your help so far.

            I will let my client know ;c )

          • James Tryon US James Tryon

            Any update on the orders dis-attaching from user history or editing shipping cost?

          • James Tryon US James Tryon

            Just looking for an update.

            • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

              Hi James, Plugin update is rolling out of the factory now. Expect an update showing up within your WordPress Administration within the hour. Dis-attaching Sales has been sorted as well as editable shipping fields which I’ll be giving some more love shortly; shipping total has been added. 🙂

  13. Andrew AU Andrew

    Hi Michael,
    Is it possible to edit the shipping total with this plug in.

  14. Michael Hughes US Michael Hughes

    What about adding the ability to add an item to a order?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Michael, now that I’m back in Australia I’m actively developing support for this feature. Stay tuned. 🙂

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Michael, the ability to add and remove items from existing Sales has been added in the latest 1.4 Plugin update 🙂

  15. derek weathersbee US Derek weathersbee

    Hi. So sorry to send multiple emails…that wasn’t my plan. I just forgot to mention my other question. Here it is. This plugin initially looked to be exactly what I need, because my client is having issues with orders placed, and they need to go back in and manually edit the orders. But the thing they need to edit is the Personalization field. And from the screenshot above, it doesn’t appear that this is one of the things that can be edited using this plugin. Am I correct? And if so, I’d like to know how much it would cost to sponsor the addition of this field to the editable fields for this plugin.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Derek, just confirming that you can view Personalisation details and I’ll cook in support for editing this in a future Plugin update.

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