Custom Fields for WP e-Commerce allows store owners to manage additional Product detail fields with the ease WordPress users have come used to through standard field controls displayed on the Add/Edit Products page in both WP e-Commerce 3.8+ and legacy 3.7 stores.

The recent release of Custom Fields 1.1 includes support for text boxes in conjunction to standard input fields, this enhancement makes it possible for store owners to add additional content blocks to the Product detail page.

WP e-Commerce Compatibility

  • WP e-Commerce 3.7 ready (up to 3.7.8)
  • WP e-Commerce 3.8+ ready (up to 3.13.*)


Looking for support, a copy of the readme, Plugin updates, Ideas or usage instructions? Check out ourΒ Documentation for Custom Fields.



  1. RAul AR RAul

    hi, im trying to show the custom data with this code:
    ID, “_wpsc_foto2”, true); ?>
    _wpsc_foto2 is a custom field with some data…
    but nothing happend… can someone help me?

  2. Chuck US Chuck

    Hey Micheal.

    I was wondering… if I was to migrate my site to another domain, would I be able to keep the custom fields intact. Or would I have to reload the custom fields? (meaning….the custom field data for each product as well as the custom field setup in the admin (slugs, etc))


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Chuck, the data will remain intact but it depends on the migration method you use, for instance are you exporting your WordPress database via Tools > Export or simply cloning the database as an .SQL and unpacking it on your new domain? Custom Field labels are stored within the WordPress options table and Custom Field details for a Product are stored within the Post details table. πŸ™‚

      • Chuck US Chuck

        So just so im clear…
        Cloning the database as an .SQL and unpacking it on your new domain will keep the data intact?

        “data” meaning… “custom fields I created” AND the “product data within each field”.

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi Chuck, that’s correct! Make sure you deactivate all your Plugins before creating your .SQL file as you can corrupt your WordPress install if you miss this step! πŸ™‚

          • Chuck US Chuck

            Thank you Michael.
            ok deactivate ALL plugins.

            Is Wp- E commerce included in the plugins I have to deactivate?

            • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

              Especially WP e-Commerce, cForms is the only Plugin where I’ve seen this happen but I use it as a rule now to deactivate prior to exporting. πŸ™‚

  3. Dillon McDonald US Dillon McDonald

    I have used this plugin a couple times on other websites but now on the current one I am using, the link to the Custom fields option will not show up under the settings menu. Any suggestions?

    • Christophe Delire BE Christophe Delire

      Same issue here. Don’t find the “custom fields” link in the admin menu.
      A WP 3.3.1 or/and WP ecommerce 4.0 issue ?.
      I’m looking forward, let’s saty in touch.

    • Christophe Delire BE Christophe Delire

      In fact no need to use a plugin “add meta data” box in the product panel do the job. just put some code in the “wpc_single_product” page to display it, like this exemple:

      <?php if (wpsc_custom_meta_name('pma_nextgen'))
      echo "”.nggShowGallery(wpsc_custom_meta_value(),null).””;

      et hop !

    • Dillon McDonald US Dillon McDonald

      Any updates on this issue? The custom field link has disappeared from the admin menu. Any help would be great.

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Hi Dillon, please find the Custom Fields page under Products > Attributes. πŸ™‚

        • Dillon McDonald US Dillon McDonald

          ahhh didnt realize it had changed haha. thanks!

  4. Timo DE Timo

    I’m also having the problem that custom fields disappear. Sometimes I add a field and suddenly every field is gone except the new one. Today I backuped the DB with wp-db-backup and after that the fields were gone, too… any idea how to fix this?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Timo, I’ve been able to reproduce this issue and am now working on a fix. πŸ™‚

      • Timo DE Timo

        Good to see that you will take care of it.
        I’m not sure wether it’s a problem caused by my plugin combinations, but may it be that deleted custom fields still exist in the database? Or was ist the old plugin version I was using before (1.3).
        Anyway, you probably know it’s a great plugin you published here which helped me alot!

      • Timo DE Timo

        I will download and test now. Thanks for the fast update!

        • alberto US Alberto

          Hi Michael,

          I downloaded from all the links on this page, but am still getting the same error. The first two work, but when I add a third, the previous ones are deleted and only the 3rd one is left??

  5. Chuck US Chuck

    Ok… I tried this again… 4 times to see if I can find a pattern.

    It seems to clear out all the the custom fields after I create this field.

    Name: Discount

    Slug: disc

    Field Type: Dropdown

    Options: 10%|20%|30%|40%|50%

    I also tried..
    Options: 10 Percent Off |20 Percent Off|30 Percent Off|40 Percent Off|50 Percent Off

    I also tried (1) option..
    Options: 10 Percent Off

    After I click Update…. when it returns to the custom field list screen…. only (1) custom field remain.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Chuck, I’ve emailed you a copy of the latest Custom Fields. I did note that the Price slug needs to be altered as it conflicts with WP e-Commerce’s own ‘_wpsc_price’ Post meta key. πŸ™‚

  6. Chuck US Chuck

    It cleared all the fields after clicked update on the field creation page.

    These are the fields in created before it cleared the fields.

    artist – slug:artist
    type – slug:type
    edition size – slug:esize
    Edition Option 1 – slug:eoption1
    Edition Option 2 – slug:eoption2
    Edition Option 3 – slug:eoption3
    Edition Option 4 – slug:eoption4
    Status – slug:status

  7. Chuck US Chuck

    Ok… I just created my half my fields again… but wen I clicked update… all the fields disappeared again??? Only the last one I created is still there. Bug???

    I cant go on with production until i get this handled. Please Help.


  8. Chuck US Chuck

    Woah! All my custom fields are gone ??!

    Michael.. is there a limit to the number of custom fields you can have? I have close to 25 fields. Everything was fine until I added my last field (close to # 20 i believe). When I went back to the custom field admin…. every field I had was gone except the last one I added. ??
    Please help. This has set me back big time.


    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Chuck, there’s no limit, I’ll have a play locally and see if I can reproduce it. Did it blow out just as you added a new field or after updating a Product’s details? If you can please send me a list of the fields to help, it might just be an encoding issue/special characters. Thanks Chuck. πŸ™‚

  9. Chuck US Chuck

    This plugin is heaven sent!

    The normal positioning of my custom fields (addons/Unordered list) is working fine.

    Question… Is it possible to display a individual custom field (one field) apart from the custom field list list I have placed in the addon section of the template. For example… if i wanted to put “one” of the fields in the description section (above the addon section).
    I tried pasting in the description section of the the Single Product template… but it didnt show up.

    I hope i’m being clear with my question.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Chuck, sure can! Use the ‘slug’ attribute along with the standard template tag for Custom Fields. Here’s an example, I’ve been meaning to update the documentation across the suite of Plugins; keeping very busy here!

      < ?php echo wpsc_cf_the_custom_fields( 'slug=colour' ); ?>

      • Chuck US Chuck

        Thanks for responding Michael.

        I cant seem to get this thing to show up.

        product); ?>

        Does this look ok?

        • Chuck US Chuck

          product); ?>

          • Chuck US Chuck

            ?? my sample code is not showing up.

  10. George GB George

    Great plug-in. Is there any way of adding a ‘select box’ option along with the ‘input’ and ‘text area’ field options, where we can specify values to add? I need a drop-down box of sizes. I cannot use variations as it creates too many individual products. The ‘Simple Product Options’ plug-in works but you cannot structure it into an order and I also need an input field to sit with it all anyway – which Simple Product Options does not offer. Basically… i’m after a mix of both πŸ™‚

    I can create exactly what I want in CForms but it will not show on product page. And even if i could, it wouldn’t carry the information through the checkout, it would just submit even if they didn’t go through with the purchase.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi George, take a look at the dropdown option in the most recent releases. πŸ™‚

      • George GB George

        Hi Michael. Thank you for the reply. I don’t think I explained myself very well. I’ve found the drop down options which is great, but is there anyway of getting these options onto the product page so that the END USER can choose from them? Then the info is carried through to the checkout?

        • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

          Hi George, just chasing up on old comments. This is not covered in Custom Fields, look up Personalisation and other Plugins that cater for Checkout-related fields. πŸ™‚

    • Travis US Travis

      Will this add the custom fields to the importer so I can match them with my csv file? Also will this allow us to have an image field so that we can put the image URL in our uploaded csv file? If not what premium plugins will do these?

      • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

        Hi Travis, sure does, if you’re using Custom Fields and Product Importer Deluxe you can import against custom fields, in the next Plugin update for Exporter it will also export any custom fields so you can merge Product updates easily.

        Product Importer Deluxe can import Product images based on external URL’s and image filenames, take a look at what’s available. πŸ™‚

  11. Danny Foo MY Danny Foo

    Really appreciate the creation of this plugin. Almost shot myself having to figure out how to use the the default Custom Meta.

    Anyway, 1 thing I noticed is after I’ve saved my Custom Field settings, the Layout defaults back to Table instead of my selection – Unordered List.

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Danny, thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look into this… πŸ™‚

      • Danny Foo MY Danny Foo

        Michael, I also experienced this. When I hit the Add New and added a new product with the right sort order, I believe the sort order wasn’t saved. I had to edit the same product sort order again and update before it was saved.

        Hope this information helps make this plugin more awesome. πŸ™‚

  12. Stephanie Kunder US Stephanie Kunder

    I emailed last week for support and have received no response. For whatever reason, only 7 out of 10 custom fields I created work. I’ve tried removing and recreating them, but this does not solve the problem. Solutions?

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Stephanie, I do my best to support this suite of free Plugins, Premium Plugins do get priority however.

      I’ve responded to your e-mail requesting versions as well as some sample fields so I can reproduce your issue. Thanks Steph. πŸ™‚

  13. Steve AU Steve

    I seem to be having a problem with dropdowns in this plugin.

    The first option comes up as the default and is reflected correctly in the product listing. However when I edit the product the drop down changes to the last product in the list of custom fields.

  14. Andrew Roberts GB Andrew Roberts

    I am trying to get your custom fields working, however, I cannot get it to show up on the product page. I have little experience with PHP, and have not idea which section to insert the PHP code into. I have already tried a few places.

    Also, I created the custom field, but in the Add product screen, there doesn’t appear to be a way to actually create options in that field. Can you help?

    Kind regards,
    Andrew Roberts

    • Michael Visser au Michael Visser

      Hi Andrew, I’m sure you figured this out but I’m going through and commenting on idle threads, if you set the Position to ‘Addons’ it should display without a hitch, this is ofcourse dependant on your WordPresss Theme (and WP e-Commerce Theme) supporting the standard WP e-Commerce template positions. πŸ™‚

  15. TDZWeb NO TDZWeb


    Custom fields is almost exactly what I need. I was wondering if there are any plans to enable custom fields to have specific product categories? I have a client that brokers used cars and real-estate and I need two completely different sets of custom fields for those two categories.

    I would also like to know if there is a possibility to translate custom fields with WPML.

      • Jean-Francois Arseneault CA Jean-Francois Arseneault

        WPML… really? πŸ™‚

        Well that is amazing news! Thanks for looking into it!

      • TDZWeb NO TDZWeb

        Great stuff! Thank you for your reply πŸ™‚

      • Patrick MY Patrick

        Limiting the custom fields to specific product category is a good feature, can’t wait for it to be added to the plugin!

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