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Note: This Plugin has been discontinued and is no longer required as all Premium Plugins support automatic Plugin updates without requiring the Visser Labs Updater Plugin.

Receive Plugin update notifications and enable automatic Plugin updates to keep your Visser Labs Plugins up to date.

Manual install

If for some reason you cannot use the automatic Plugin installer that comes with our Premium Plugins to install the Visser Labs Updater you can manually download the Plugin and install it using the WordPress Plugin installer:

  1. Download the Visser Labs Updater Plugin
  2. Open the WordPress Administration
  3. Open the Plugins screen
  4. Click the Add New button from the Plugins screen header
  5. Click the Upload Plugin button from the Add Plugins screen header
  6. Use the Choose File function to select from your Downloads folder
  7. Click Install Now
  8. Once the Plugin has been installed by WordPress click Activate Plugin

That’s it!