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All of our WordPress Plugins integrate with the WordPress automatic Plugin update system so that the moment a new Plugin release is made available on our website that your WordPress site is notified. Plugin update notifications appear within your WordPress site in the following screens of the WordPress Administration:

  • The “Plugins by Visser Labs” Dashboard widget
  • The Dashboard > Updates screen
  • The Plugins screen


General tutorial

Here’s a quick run through for using the WordPress automatic updater to update to the latest Plugin release of our your purchased Plugin:

  1. Open the WordPress Administration of your WordPress store
  2. From the left sidebar open the Dashboard > Updates screen
  3. If the Plugins section of this screen is empty hit the “Check Again” button
  4. Tick the checkbox beside the WordPress Plugin you wish to update
  5. Click “Update Plugins” to update those selected Plugins

That’s it! You’ve now updated your WordPress Plugins and it is ready to be used.