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Here’s how to attach a WooCommerce System Report so that Plugin developers (like myself) can help customers resolve common WordPress WooCommerce Plugin issues.

  • Open your site’s WordPress Administration
  • From the left sidebar hover over the WooCommerce menu and click on the Status menu (in former releases of WooCommerce this was the System Status menu item)
  • With the System status screen tab selected click the Get system report button from the highlighted screen notice
  • Click the Copy for support button to copy the contents of the System Report to the clipboard
  • Open or switch to the Premium Support page on our website and within the System Status Report contact field paste the contents.
  • Complete the required Premium Support contact fields and click the Submit Enquiry button

That’s it. You’ve attached a WooCommerce System Report of your WooCommerce store to your Premium Support request here at Visser Labs. 🙂