Use the Variation Name instead of Slug within the Product Name detail of Product exports

Update: The rule is if 3 different users ask for the same PHP snippet that I put it up here on the Blog. I’ve been doing a few snippet Posts this quarter so will turn off automatic e-mail notifications for PHP snippets after this one so not to spam registered users.

You can improve the readability of the Product exports Product Name column when exporting Variations by switching from using the default Attribute slug to the Attribute title. An example of this change is below:

Default Product Name (Slug):

Forma Linea Strom – Size: platos-80-90cm-x-eos-200cm-mikos

Customised Product Name (Title/Term Name):

Forma Linea Strom – Size: Platos 80-90cm x EOS 200cm Mikos

Note: Product Importer Deluxe requires the Product Name detail to use the default Attribute slug format for generating Variations, this snippet is targeted to export users.

Add the following PHP snippet to your current WordPress Theme’s functions.php file:

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