WP E-Commerce Development Roadmap for Q1/Q2 2010

Digging through Instinct’s new support site for WP E-Commerce, GetShopped.org, the team have laid out their immediate goals for WP E-Commerce in the first-half of 2010 including:

  • First phase database optimization
  • Products to Custom Post type
  • WP e-commerce settings will be moved to options array
  • Advanced UPS integration
  • Advanced Marketing page
  • Advanced Shipping Zones

The big one above is “Products to Custom Post type“, this is a huge shift from dedicated “wpsc_” tables in the WordPress database which to be honest was a pretty easy way to connect to WP E-Commerce content.

Visit the WP E-Commerce Roadmap page for more updates, here’s how the Instinct team see the page:

This page is a description of our current thinking on how we intend to get to WP e-Commerce 3.8 and beyond.

I’m looking forward to seeing regular blog updates and forum interaction from the Instinct team and community developers in 2010!

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