WP E-Commerce 3.7.6 Beta 1 released for public testing

The team at Instinct have wet the appetites of the hungry WP E-Commerce userbase releasing 3.7.6 Beta 1 into the wild.

As a lead up to the release of the 3.8 series this minor update includes a collection of critical bug fixes as well as pilots of new features (e.g. Australia Post, mulitple conditions ability), here’s the download link for WP E-Commerce 3.7.6 Beta 1 as well as a run-through of changes:

  • Better UPS integration
  • US checkout form field state issue fix
  • Changes to Checkout Form Fields
  • Google Checkout fix
  • Australian Post shipping module
  • Coupon ‘total_quantity’ condition fix
  • Multiple conditions ability added
  • Coupons page gets a interface refresh
  • Added product dimensions form fields within the add/edit products page
  • Import script auto detects line endings for CSV files
  • Introduction of .MO and ‘gettext’

After seeing the new WP E-Commerce support site first hand it’s great to have a launch date: before Jan 23, 2010!

In a few days time we’ll be launching our new support site, just in time for Shayne to announce it at WordCamp Boston. It blows everything else online far far away – we’re sure you’re going to love it, especially the bbPress forum work we’ve done.

Dan also dropped a few hints on the 3.8 series mentioning on the Instinct Blog:

The 3.8 release is going to blow your mind. We will have removed just about all the database tables, we’re using proper WordPress options for every setting and to top that off we will have introduced a powerful new Shipping Zones feature, a new and much more advanced UPS module and even a new advanced currency converter made for all those serious internationalized businesses out there. Stay tuned…

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