WooCommerce turns 1.1.1

The WooLabs team have leap-frogged 1.0.3 (announced a fortnight ago) and gone straight to 1.1 and now 1.1.1 in the span of a few weeks; expect regular minor Plugin updates for WooCommerce with a combination of fixes and added features till the Plugin’s roadmap is released to the community.

Noteworthy new features:

  • Allow users to add thumbnails for product categories that can be reserved for brand logos, or generic product images.
  • Optional product dimension fields can be filled in to provide further product information.
  • Drag and drop term ordering so that variation options can be sorted.
  • Filters for tax rates, and a hook for payment complete order status.
  • Hard crop option for product images.
  • Ability to change product permalinks to include category.
  • General JS & CSS revisions for faster, more stable usage.

The detailed WooCommerce 1.1.1 and 1.1 chagelog’s include:


  • Products need a base, regardless of category settings – added base to prevent pages breaking
  • Fixed hard cropping
  • Translation fixes
  • Moved discount above shipping calc
  • Fixed enter key on product edit page
  • Typos
  • Made custom attributes display ‘nicely’ in cart widgets, instead of santized


  • Tested and working with WordPress 3.3 beta-1
  • Added a hook for payment complete order status
  • Added woocommerce term meta api
  • Added ability to upload category thumbnails
  • Added option to show sub-categories when browing categories/the shop page
  • Zero tax rate fix
  • Filters for tax rates
  • Fixes to find rate function
  • Product dimension fields
  • Fixed archives being displayed by woocommerce_show_product_images
  • Added ‘configure terms’ button to attributes page to make it clearer
  • Fix for variations when an attribute has been removed
  • Fixed some localisation strings
  • Hard crop option for images (use regenerate thumbnails after toggling to redo all images)
  • Password field type for gateways API
  • Front page shop improvements/correct title tags
  • Added option for controlling product permalinks
  • Shop page title option
  • Load admin css only where needed
  • Admin JS cleanup
  • Removed error message when clicking buttons to view variations/grouped
  • Drag and drop term ordering (so variation options can be sorted)
  • Pay page after invoicing fix

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