WooCommerce turns 1.0.3

There’s been a Plugin update for WooCommerce announced on a weekly basis, a sign of things to come? WooCommerce as of the 6th of October is now at version 1.0.3.

Download it now.

  • Several minor fixes/tweaks
  • Conditionals check for existing function names
  • Made image size settings clearer
  • Cleaned up coupon code settings/write panel and added a few more hooks
  • Fixed ‘product ids’ setting in coupons
  • Fixed notices on shop pages due to WP_QUERY
  • Cleaned up discount types and made some helper functions for getting them
  • woocommerce_coupon_is_valid hook
  • Fixed order tracking completed time
  • Sale price affects variable product ‘from:’ price
  • Variation options (frontend) no longer lose your selections when changing an option
  • Gallery image field fix
  • Image ‘insert into’ fix
  • variable products store min and max variation price, so if they match the ‘from’ text is not displayed
  • Email items list fix
  • Reports chart fix
  • Fixed category ordering in widgets
  • Labels to taxonomies updated
  • Query tweak to fix tags/cats
  • Order tracking localisation

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