WooCommerce: Themes and Templating

Following on from WooCommerce: Payment Gateways, Carbis and I are going to go over each Themes and Templating point in detail.

Our Templating Engine

WooCommerce has been developed with one thing in mind: helping you to sell anything online. We’ve developed an incredibly easy-to-use and flexible templating engine that allows you to bend & break WooCommerce as you see fit.

And we want to help you to build your next online store on top of WooCommerce… Our templating documentation is ever-expanding and we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to build your own design with WooCommerce’s extensive template tags. Designing & developing e-commerce websites isn’t an easy task, but with WooCommerce we’ve made this as easy as possible.

Luke: Now this one is a little closer to my heart. One of the major problems we’ve found with Jigoshop is the lack of flexibility in terms of templating and (more importantly) plugins.

Hooks for Actions and Filters are conspicuously rare in the latest release of JigoShop, and hopefully the flexibility mentioned here addresses that.

More than likely, this also means that Woo’s famous theme settings interface is somehow integrated with (and possibly modified for) WooCommerce, allowing users to change various aspects of the store theme without having to touch code. Fantastic for the novice and the developer alike.

Michael: […]

Out-of-box Themes

In addition to our flexible templating engine, we’ve designed some beautiful themes based on all of our experience of selling online and building a successful, profitable & sustainable business. We’ve been in this business for more than 4 years, sporting almost 50 000 customers. We know how to sell. :)

Our themes allows you to sell more and improve the return on your online endeavours. We believe that there most definitely is best practice guidelines for marketing & selling online and our WooCommerce themes have been developed with that in mind. Why not piggy-back on our experience and borrow some of our knowledge in setting up your new online venture?

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