WooCommerce: Shipping and Tax

Following on from WooCommerce: Admin and Reporting, Carbis and I are going to go over each Admin and Reporting point in detail.

Tax taken care of

 WooCommerce offers robust tax settings and options to serve small boutiques right up to global conglomerates. Intuitively configure multiple tax rates for different regions as your online store goes international!

Luke: We get our first (and only) good look at WooCommerce here. A few interesting points to note:

First of all, a new WooTheme – Argentum – is coming out, with WooCommerce compatibility. Secondly, WooCommerce has dropped Jigoshop’s Dashboard (our best guess is that they’re integrating it into the WordPress dashboard).

The Settings tabs closely resemble Jigoshop’s, with a few adjustments. It seems as though WooCommerce has dropped the Images and Coupons tabs, or at least moved them. WooThemes rely a lot on the TimThumb image resizer – so with this on board they could forget about image thumbnail size settings.

The coupons are a vital feature – so the fact that they’re dropped from this screen suggests that they have their own new and improved implementation somewhere else in the plugin.

It also looks like WooCommerce has dropped the inline help – so we can expect to see that somewhere else too.

Michael: As an e-seller I have no experience with shipping-based stores, what I do however is taxation. A comprehensive tax system that can accurately judge how to tax based on states, nationally and internationally will do very well in the eyes of store owners.


 We’ve built in comprehensive shipping settings enabling you to define shipping costs per product, declare a flat rate and of course free shipping. Extend these options with our table rate shipping extension to define different shipping methods to different nations.

Luke: So it seems WooCommerce have upped the anti on the Jigoshop shipping features as well. The first two mentioned here (cost per product and flat rate) already exist in Jigoshop, but table rate shipping is new.

But hold on a minute! It seems that this extra functionality will only be available through an extension, so more than likely this will be a paid feature.

Michael: Would love input from other store owners on how these shipping features will impact their online operations.

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