WooCommerce: Products and Inventory

Following on from WooCommerce: Shipping and Tax, Carbis and I are going to go over each Products and Inventory point in detail.

Create & sell all kinds of products

Physical products? Check. Digital products? Check. We’re really staying true to our word: WooCommerce empowers you to sell anything online. If you’ve got the product, we’ll help you sell it.

WooCommerce’s product management is focused on ease-of-use; if you’re comfortable writing & publishing a post within WordPress, adding products to WooCommerce will  be a similar breeze. E-commerce doesn’t need to be complicated.

WooCommerce also supports grouped products, product variations and a spiffy import & export tool for products.

Luke: There’s one major feature giveaway here – Product Import and Export.

There’s only really one effective way of doing that at the moment, and that requires WP e-Commerce and a very useful Plugin. So product importing and exporting natively will be a big deal for a lot of people who rely on product lists from suppliers to populate their store.

We’re yet to see just how well it performs – so this will be one of the first things we check out once we get our hands on it!

Michael: […]

Managing your inventory

Nobody wants to be caught with their pants down and with WooCommerce’s inventory management tools, we’ll make sure that you know exactly what the status is on your inventory. We won’t allow you to sell a product that isn’t in stock and we’ll even highlight products that are running low on stock.

Luke: Nothing ground-breaking here – just that we can expect some stock level information, most likely on the WordPress Dashboard. Inventory management comes stock standard with Jigoshop – the platform that WooCommerce is based on.

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