WooCommerce: Payment Gateways

Following on from WooCommerce: Marketing and Promotions, Carbis and I are going to go over each Payment Gateways point in detail.

We’ve developed a superb API for payments within WooCommerce, which allows you to seamlessly plug your payment gateway of choice into WooCommerce and start processing orders immediately.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of adding your own payment gateway, WooCommerce already supports a wide variety of popular payment gateways through the additional extensions we’ve made available for WooCommerce.

  • PayPal Pro
  • PayPal Express
  • Google Checkout
  • 2Checkout.com
  • Sage Pay (UK)
  • PayFast (South Africa)
  • WebCash (South Africa)
  • PayGate (South Africa)
  • Payson (Sweden)

We’re always working on new payment gateway extensions, either by developing them in-house or by collaborating with our awesome community of developers. We believe that by supporting as many payment gateways as possible, we’re making things easier for you.

Luke: And now… the moment you’ve been waiting for! That’s a pretty comprehensive list of payment gateways – unusual for a one point oh release. The Woo Labs team have made it fairly clear that they want to be known for their payment gateway support, and these gateways at launch go a long way towards creating that reputation.

It’s important to mention that the text does specify that some of these gateways will be extensions, so that may mean you’ll have to pay for it. PayPal Express will be standard, I’m sure, but which of the lesser known gateways will be included free of charge?

Michael: Payment gateways make or break a e-commerce solution, be that they worked until the payment gateway’s API changed, did support a particular payment feature, then didn’t, or the required merchant option simply isn’t supported. Developing comprehensive payment gateways and maintaining them is no easy task so launching with just shy of 10 payment gateways is a great start.

I’ve dealt and sided with clients who base their store platform decision on whether their particular payment gateway is supported (e.g. eWay for Australian stores); in my mind that’s why Virtuemart and other e-commerce staples have done so well, for so long, too many bloody payment gateways to choose from.

I suspect PayPal Express and PayPal Pro along with region-exclusive solutions will be premium extensions for WooCommerce. I’ve got a few of my own payment gateways to cook for Jigshop and WooCommerce. 😉

The trick to winning the payment gateways war will be adding and maintaining reliable payment gateways. Psst, Woo Labs, ANZ e-Gate/MIGS.

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