WooCommerce: Marketing and Promotions

Following on from WooCommerce: Products and Inventory, Carbis and I are going to go over each Marketing and Inventory point in detail.

If you ask around about our reputation, you are bound to hear that we are experts at marketing. So we’ve subsequently included the marketing & promotional tools into WooCommerce that would empower you to replicate our techniques and success.

At the heart of every online store’s promotional success is the ability to host promotional flash sales in real-time. WooCommerce makes this easy by allowing you to set sales prices for any of the products that is eligible for your sale.

WooCommerce also features an extensive discount coupon management system, which allows you to create & distribute a wide variety of different coupon codes to stimulate sales amongst your audience.

And then WooCommerce also includes the features that distinguishes online retail from its offline equivalent: product reviews from your customers, automatic up-sells & cross-sells and related products. WooCommerce is intelligent in this way and attempts to maximize your revenue from every single sale.

Luke: This is big. The marketing and promotions features are what will really separate WooCommerce from any other WordPress e-commerce platform.

As suggested by the removal of Coupons from the main Settings screen, we can expect a major Coupons revamp. Also, notifications on individual items and store wide sale banners look like they’re going to be included.

We’re excited to see the range of options in the new Coupon system, and whether they will build upon those already in Jigoshop.

Most importantly is the addition of product reviews, up-sells, cross-sells, and related products. Previously only really available through plugins, these seemingly-standard features are missing from all other iterations of WordPress e-commerce platforms.

Michael: Coming from a WP e-Commerce background marketing and coupons is nothing new, the only feature standing out is the ‘flash-sales’ via a site header banner, but it wouldn’t take much sweat for that to be implemented by other e-commerce platforms.

WooCommerce follows Jigoshop’s developments so related products will be included by default but as to other marketing features it’s in the air until September 27.

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