WooCommerce in action: Single Product


The demonstration site for WooCommerce had multiple site layouts, from two-columns (content and sidebar) to single column for featured Products (content only, no sidebar).

Quantity-based Products

WooCommerce provides a +/- based quantity field which works really well for quantity and variation-based Products. Simply click the ‘-‘ (minus) button to reduce quantity, visa versa. As there were no quantity-limited Products to work with I was unable to see any validation prompts.

Variation-based Products

Products with variations display the standard variation sets as dropdowns (e.g. Sizes then Colours), upon filling all variation criteria a quantity field and add to cart button is made available.

Additional Information

Attributes are pieces of data which can add more technical information to a product and help users further refine your catalog while browsing / searching. Creating an attribute set is done in a similar way to a category (we’ll get to that later). For now we’ll describe attributes and their primary benefit with a hypothetical example:

Say you’re opening a video game store, selling all the latest games for all the latest consoles. In this case, your top level product category will most likely be Games inside of which the majority of your catalog will reside. Now, you could very easily create sub categories for different consoles, genres, etc etc but
this information is better suited as attributes. Why? Because a user can select concurrent attributes while refining their search.

Additional Information (if available) displays additional Product details entered on the Add/Edit Products page.


Reviews shows off moderated Product reviews provided by site visitors, reviews include details about the Product in question as well as a star rating (out of 5 stars).

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