WooCommerce: Admin and Reporting

Following on from Why pick WooCommerce?, Carbis and I are going to go over each Admin and Reporting point in detail.

WordPress Centric

At it’s core WooCommerce has been explicitly built upon core WordPress functionality. This extends to the backend interface where each and every admin screen and write panel has been designed to match the WordPress UI which we all know and love. As soon as you start using WooCommerce you’ll feel right at home.

Luke: Borrowing these traits from Jigoshop, WooCommerce should look and feel right at home in your WordPress Administration. The graph above is almost an exact copy of the one featured on the Jigoshop Dashboard, with the addition of the left panels.

Michael: Graphs are great, the more the better! Trusting the Woo-camp it’s not too much to expect display options either.

Analytical Overview

Having a stylish, feature-rich store is one thing, but orders are what matter most. Built into WooCommerce is our beautiful, detailed reports panel. At a glance you can check your stores overall performance, or drill down and inspect daily sales, monthly sales, individual product sales, top sells and top earners. Fine tune your store and push it to it’s maximum performance.

Luke: These ‘at a glance’ features are new to the Jigoshop experience, but not new to WP e-Commerce; thanks to WP e-Commerce Dashboard and Store Reports. This paragraph starts to hint at the fact that the Woo Labs team have taken the best features of other e-commerce platforms, baked them into Jigoshop, and called it WooCommerce.

Michael: Detailed sales reporting has been a black-spot across the WordPress e-commerce landscape, I put together Store Reports just to fill this gap for WP e-Commerce store owners. I’m eager to see how WooCommerce does this and see how it matches up against the big platforms; Magento, Virtuemart and BigCommerce.

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