Plugin update: Wholesale Pricing – 1.7.7

Hi WPEC’ers, the 1.7.7 Plugin update for Wholesale Pricing resolves issues when importing/merging Product changes via Product Importer Deluxe by introducing a new import addons engine.

Here are some sample import rules:

  • ” (empty): Ignore Wholesale Pricing for this User Role, or if merging changes ignore Wholesale Pricing values for this User Role
  • ‘-‘ (dash): Disable Wholesale Pricing for this User Role
  • ‘25.00’: Set a Fixed Price of $25.00(*2) for this User Role
  • ‘+25.00’: Set a mark up of $25.00(*2) for this User Role
  • ‘-25.00’: Set a mark down of $25.00(*2) for this User Role
  • ‘+25%’: Set a mark up of 25% for this User Role
  • ‘-25%’: Set a mark down of 25% for this User Role

‘-‘ (dash)

Adding a ‘-‘ (dash) character to a ‘Wholesale Pricing – Role(*1)’ column will turn off Wholesale Pricing for that User Role on that specific Product.

(*1) Replace Role with a WordPress User Role; e.g. Administrator, Subscriber, Wholesaler, etc.

(*2) Wholesale Pricing will use the currency formatting from the  local currency; e.g. USD, AUD, EUR, etc.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fixed: Import support
  • Changed: Default Wholesale Pricing values

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Wholesale Pricing.

Wholesale Pricing gets per-Product pricing

The 1.5 Plugin update of Wholesale Pricing introduces per-Product pricing overrides to store owners, this is a much anticipated feature as it allows individual Products to have their own markup/markdown options, including against site visitors/guests.

An example of this is below:

A store owner would like to offer a $5.00 discount to logged-in Subscribers as well as a apply a once-off $10.00 discount against a single Product; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II until stock is depleted.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has a standard Price of $49.95
  • Logged-in Subscribers are entitled to a $5.00 discount across the store, configured under Settings > Wholesale Pricing
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has a special once-off discount of $10.00 for logged-in Subscribers, configured within the Edit Products screen under Store > Products

Pretty cool huh!

You can also go the other way by applying a default markup against site visitors who are not-logged in and as always you’re not limited to value-based markup/markdown with support for percentage based values too!

Per-Product pricing has been implimented in such a way that where no per-Product pricing has been defined for a given Product then the Plugin will fall back to the ‘global’ defaults set under Settings > Wholesale Pricing within the WordPress Administration.

Existing customers can download the latest release of Wholesale Pricing from Premium Plugin Updates otherwise more details are available on the Plugin details page for Wholesale Pricing.

Wholesale Pricing for WP e-Commerce 3.8+

A quick update that 1.4 of Wholesale Pricing supports WP e-Commerce 3.8.2, so to existing Plugin owners as well as those holding back jump over to the Plugin detail page or Premium Plugin Updates and install the latest Plugin release.

Moving forward I will be focusing on feature enhancements including the following suggestions:

  • Per-Product pricing controls to override default User Role pricing levels
  • Show/hide Products based on User Role
  • Ability to exclude Products from default pricing levels
  • Quantity based discounting based on User Role

I’ll go over e-mails and the Plugin detail page for more feature suggestions and throw up a poll to help co-ordinate development priorities.

Wholesale Pricing joins the WordPress Plugin team!

Wholesale Pricing is the last WP e-Commerce solution to be ported over to a WordPress Plugin, from here on in it’s just Plugin updates across the Visser Labs Plugin suite!

The 1.3 Plugin update of Wholesale Pricing includes the same functionality available in the existing patch for WP e-Commerce but is now entirely managed within the WordPress Administrator, no code changes, ever again.

With the official launch of WP e-Commerce 3.8 only just around the corner I’ll be spinning up all engines to get per-Product pricing overrides (e.g. a certain Product cheaper for wholesalers than registered members) working in conjunction with the default per-User Role that affects all Product prices.

Check out the latest features in Wholesale Pricing on the detailed Plugin page or download the latest release from Premium Plugin Updates.

Wholesale Pricing for WP e-Commerce

This one’s been a long time coming… I’ve created an addon for WP e-Commerce that enables store owners to apply wholesale pricing rules to Users of their shop. Pretty neat!

As this is an initial release I’ll be steering future versions based on your feedback. Here are some features I want to add in future versions:

  • Add a Wholesale field to the Add/Edit Product page that overrides the default percentage-based markup.
  • Add an Admin Page to manage markup
  • Assign different markup levels on a per-Product basis

I’ll put up a demo site soon so those interested can see it working for themselves. Wholesale Pricing for WP e-Commerce is available from the Shop or the Wholesale Pricing page within WP e-Commerce Addons.