Relevant Content, Presentation for Websites

I emerged in the IT field from a creative background, I’m inclined to focus my content on maintaining the attention of an audience rather than promote. This is buzzed as “relevant content”. The concept is simple, achieving it is worthy of an accolade, and the majority of commercial businesses with web presences don’t get it.

  1. Establish who your primary and secondary audience is
    • Install Google Analytics
    • Take a sample of your online prospects and survey them
      • Demography
      • Background
      • Lifestyle
  2. Research successful websites targeted at your audience
    • Take special interest at these major pages
      • Home page
      • Products
      • Solutions
      • Contact us
  3. How the content is structured
  4. Writing for your audience
  5. Accessibility

This is an outline blog – nothing more -, I will elaborate over time on these topics.