Australian Government using Sponsored Advertising

Australian Government Cirvical Cancer CampaignGovernments effectively delivering smart campaigns, is that even possible? It seems the Australian Government has recently made relations with the right online media agency for their National cervical cancer vaccinations program. Going so far as removing typical department copy from the site and presenting relevant and targeted content is a great change; even if I’m not at risk!

MSN Messenger has been the de-facto standard in contacting friends over the Internet for the past decade so it makes sense to online advertisers operating large-budget campaigns to get their clients message across using the right channels.

One shame though was in their ‘Linking to this site’ conditions…

The Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Health and Aging through its Population Health Division reserves the right to prevent linking by giving notice.

I’m not sure how the Department of Health and Aging can control appropriate linking by nature of the Internet; I’m in the process of following this up.

Australian Government using sponsored advertising in MSN Messenger

Australian Government Cirvical Cancer Campaign over Adwords

SEOmoz Page Strength Firefox Search Plugin Released

I thought it only fair while learning all about Open Search technology that I wrap up and let loose a Page Strength SEO Tool search plugin for Firefox/Internet Explorer users!

I use this tool to measure site ranking metrics on a frequent basis and as I continue to align myself within this field hope to add it to my daily toolkit! Keep close, the list is coming…

Page Strength SEO Tool Search Plugin for Firefox/Internet Explorer