Tackling Refund Fraud on Digital Assets

Over on the Tips & Tricks HQ website I read a great article, Shop Admin Tips – Protect yourself from unfair refund claims, covering techniques to reduce refund fraud affecting digital e-commerce stores.

It will help you protect yourself from fraudsters if you keep the following simple points in mind when selling online:

  • Give detailed description of the product
  • Provide clear images, preview, live demo if possible
  • Tell them upfront how they are going to get the product
  • Let them ask you questions and respond to their inquiries so they can get a clear picture of the product
  • State your Refund Policy (if any) in the Terms and Conditions
  • Make sure the customer has to agree to the Terms and Conditions before they can make a purchase

I’ve put these tips into action as I regularly deal with digital assets and it’s great to have a heads up on this for future experiences.