Database management of WP E-Commerce Purchase order and Admin order

I now have several WP E-Commerce stores and with each new site the settings, notices, e-mail addreses and purchase e-mails need to be customised to suit the new site’s branding.

Recently I noticed the admin and purchase orders that WP E-Commerce generates are partially stored in the database whereas others are stored in language file. My audience are predominantly English-speakers so out goes the need for language support and roll on the database management and slick custom Page Template to manage WP E-Commerce purchase order and admin order settings.


  1. Open up phpMyAdmin and create the following new records in wp_options:
    1. wpsc_new_pending_order_fail = “We’re Sorry, your order has not been accepted, the most likely reason is that you have insufficient funds.”
    2. wpsc_new_pending_order_success = “There is a new order awaiting processing: nr”
    3. wpsc_new_pending_order_subject = “New pending order”
    4. wpsc_new_pending_order_body = “Thank you, your purchase is pending, you will be sent an email once the order clears.”
    5. wpsc_new_order_pending_payment_subject = “Order Pending: Payment Required”
    6. wpsc_new_purchase_receipt_subject = “Purchase Receipt”
    7. wpsc_new_purchase_report_subject = “Purchase Report”
  2. Replace line #33 (starting with if($purchase_log == null) {) through #47 with the contents of pending-purchase-wp-e-commerce.txt
  3. Replace line #221 (starting with if($purchase_log['processed'] { < 2) {) through #227 with the contents of purchase-receipt-wp-e-commerce.txt
  4. Replace line #270 (starting with if((get_option('purch_log_email')...) through #274 with the contents of purchase-report-wp-e-commerce.txt

Generate several test purchases to ensure the database records match up in the e-mails and on the Transaction Results page then customise them to your needs.