Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.8.6

Hi WPEC’ers, the 1.8.6 release of Offline Credit Card Processing resolves a missing common functions and introduces a new Order Total e-mail tag and popup screen detail requested by Michelle from Cloth ‘n’ Craft.

The new Order Total tag (%order_total%) displays the Order Total within the Payment Details e-mail sent to the store owner, there’s also an option to show/hide the Order Total within the card details popup screen that can be managed from Settings > Offline Credit Card within the WordPress Administration.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Added: Missing common function
  • Added: Order Total (%order_total%) tag to e-mail
  • Added: Order Total detail to card popup
  • Added: Setting to change Sale Status when Accepted button is pressed

Unlike always, download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.

Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.0.5

Hi Jigoshop store owners, the 1.0.5 Plugin update brings compatibility with Jigoshop 1.3 and includes several critical new features for processing offline card payments:

  • Approve/Decline Payment
  • Delete card immediately option
  • New WordPress capability support for User Role Editor support: read_credit_card_details
  • Reduce stock after Checkout for limited stock items

Approve Payment/Decline Payment/Process later

The standard partial card details popup is still found under Orders > Offline Payments, this Plugin update adds Order Status action buttons so you can charge the card from the popup screen and set the Order Status to Completed or Declined. Once the Order Status has been set existing card details are scrubbed from the Order. Clicking Process later will allow you to process the card details at a later time but is reliant on available repeat views (e.g. limited views option) configured from Jigoshop > Settings > Payments within the WordPress Administration.

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.

Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.7

OCCP has made it to 1.7! This major Plugin update removes the dependance on a merchant file stored locally within the WP e-Commerce Plugin’s ‘merchants’ directory, what this means for you is a more reliable Plugin (no risk of file permissions or overzealous WordPress security Plugins) as well as Plugin update safe templating support for the Checkout form fields coming just around the corner.

Also included in this release is a few validation changes affecting American Express and for new store’s where no accepted cards have been selected. I’ll be releasing label support for accepted cards in the next Plugin update as I want to also overhaul the e-mail engine that is sent to the store owner to support templating via the Settings page (as is done for the Purchase Receipt/Admin Report) as well as HTML support via Printable Invoices (ala Store Invoices in the new year).

As always, download your Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or jump over to the Plugin detail page for more information.

Offline Credit Card Processing jumps to 1.3

Offline Credit Card Processing has been overhauled in 1.3 from the limited custom Checkout options to a custom Payment option appearing within Store > Settings > Payment Option accompanied with the standard Plugin. This update is a major leap.

Among the highlights from the changelog and screenshots below you’ll get the following out of the latest update.

  • Removed dependency of custom Checkout fields, jQuery and sendmail.php to notify store owner of new purchase
  • Added validation of Credit Card details during the Checkout process to limit automated Sales
  • Added detection of Credit Card Type
  • Added custom e-mail address for Payment Details e-mail
  • Added custom e-mail subject field to Store > Upgrades > Offline Credit Card Processing
  • Added support for languages through internationalisation
  • Credit card information is removed from the database once viewed within Store > Sales > Sale detail

Note: I’ve included a legal disclaimer relating to the handling and processing of offline credit card transactions, you must agree to this disclaimer to activate the functionality of this Plugin. I welcome any and all feedback on how to improve the data security of this Plugin.

Visit the Product details page for Offline Credit Card Processing for more information or download the latest release from Premium Plugin Updates.

Processing WP e-Commerce Credit Card Orders Offline

I’m very happy to announce the latest Plugin off the production line, Offline Credit Card Processing for WP e-Commerce. You can now securely collect customer credit card information for processing offline through your bank merchant account or business terminal.

This is the first collaboration with Roy Ho from 1 Plus Design who has made this Plugin for WP e-Commerce a reality and delivered a secure, well-designed solution.

Customer credit card information are securely handled by splitting the credit card number where one part (e.g. 43603323) is stored with the purchase details in the database and the other part (e.g. 03217283) is e-mailed to the store owner. The two parts can then be matched up for offline credit card processing.

Store owners can drop this Plugin into their WP e-Commerce store and immediately process offline orders without costly customisation of their existing store. Check out the detailed Product page for Offline Credit Card Processing.