Plugin update: Manual Ordering – 1.3.5

Hi WPER’ers, the 1.3.5 Plugin update for Manual Ordering is considered a major feature enhancement update as we’ve cooked in Variations support as well as jQuery love across the board.

Included below is the changelog:

  • Fixed: Deprecated function notice
  • Fixed: Various Undefined Property notices
  • Fixed: Shipping & Billing Country is now saved correctly
  • Fixed: Payment method is now saved correctly
  • Added: Shipping address now has a “Same as Billing Address” option
  • Added: Currency to price
  • Added: Javascript product entries
  • Added: Javascript form validation
  • Added: Variation support

The next Plugin update will include another dose of jQuery enhancements with the focus being tying the User dropdown to automatically fill the Checkout form on the Add Order page. What other features do you want us to cook up? Drop a comment below.

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Manual Ordering.

Plugin update: Manual Ordering – 1.3.4

Hi WPER’ers, the 1.3.4 Plugin update brings WP e-Commerce 3.8.8 compatibility as well as a list of new features and controls for store owners to take control of new Sales from the WordPress Administration.

New features include:

  • Settings > Manual Ordering page for customising items on the Add Order page
  • Layout controls for Sale Status, Payment Type and display of Session ID after Sale completion
  • Added support for Sale overrides including discount, shipping total, tax total and sub-total
  • Available quantities (e.g. x/100) are displayed beside the Product details
  • Added Sale notes
  • Validation remembers Checkout fields, cart contents and other Sale fields
  • Physical and postal address are now multi-line text boxes
  • Downloadables work again after a WP option bug was introduced in WP e-Commerce 3.8.8

Variations support will be introduced in the next Plugin update, we’re working hard to deliver support for this across the Premium Plugin suite.

As always, download your Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or jump over to the Plugin detail page for more information.

Plugin update: Manual Ordering – 1.3.2

Hi WPER’s, the 1.3.2 Plugin update of Manual Ordering adds an ‘Add Order’ button to the Users listing as well as User Profile within the WordPress Administration, enabling store owners to quickly search and generate Sales linked to a User without manually selecting a User from the dropdown field on the Add Order page.

As always, download your Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or jump over to the Plugin detail page for more information.

Manual Ordering now comes with Offline Credit Card integration

You read right, Manual Ordering now includes support enabling store owners to attach offline credit card details to new Sales through integration with Offline Credit Card Processing.

This feature is ideal for store call centers or operators accepting mail orders, Manual Ordering integrates neatly with Offline Credit Card Processing linking settings in OCCP with the Add Order Page within the WordPress Administration.

Existing customers of Manual Ordering can purchase Offline Credit Card Processing to benefit from this today, visa versa.

Manual Ordering for WP e-Commerce

Fresh out of development and into the Shop is my latest solution, Manual Ordering for WP e-Commerce, allowing store owners to manually process walk-in’s/mail orders through the WordPress Administration.

This solution includes support for order and customer details including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail address
  • Shipping Street
  • Shipping Suburb/City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Postcode
  • Shipping Country (with full country listing defaulting to base country set in Store > Settings)
  • Order Status (defaulting to Accepted Payment)

This is an initial release so I encourage feedback and ideas/feature requests for future releases. In the meantime, take a look at the screenshots below then jump through to the detailed plugin page.