Plugin updates: Updates for 16/08/2011

Hi WPEC’ers, after finding a bug in the way that WP e-Commerce 3.8.6 detects the single Product page I’ve had to rollback the detection function to workaround this issue. This is an urgent minor Plugin update affecting the following Plugins:

Please download the latest Plugin update from the Plugin detail page or Premium Plugin Updates for purchased Plugins.

[Plugin updates] Updates for 10/08/2011

There have been too many minor Plugin updates across the suite to list individual Plugin update posts so for today I’m going to summarise it all here. The big news is I’m migrating Plugin hosting over to, this means automatic Plugin updates and notification are just around the corner for my Plugins.

Plugin’s that got the minor update treatment include:

I’ve raised an issue with the SVN repo team at WordPress to clean up the Plugin slug’s to match the existing Plugin directories (e.g. wp-e-commerce-facebook-share). For those that are have made the move to check out the Changelog on the Plugin detail page for more details.