Ladytron landing in Brisbane



The 1st of September at The Tivoli will be wild with Ladytron playing their fourth album release Velocifero and earlier releases here for the very first time in Brisbane.

This band have been kicking off weekend parties since the release of 604 back in 2001 with their own breed of boosted electronic pop and often experimental musical techniques.

As reported earlier Familjen will be opening for Ladtron which will be a great set before the gods begin. Velocifero was released in February this year so I’m eager to see the fans response as the band have continued to refine their overlapping vocals and coarse trance mood with their latest album.

“Seventeen”, “Evil”, “Blue Jeans” and “Destroy Everything You Touch” are Ladytron classics which I’m confident will be played throughout what is set to be an epic evening. Tickes are available online through The Vivoli website.

Brisbane Bar Scene Website Development

One of my favourite bars in Brisbane has no website, I find that a joke in todays online society! So, to kick things off not only am I going to build a website about the bar, I’m going to look into the possibility of a website dedicated to daily specials at each bar in and around Brisbane. This is going to be a big win for the bar as well as Brisbane’s night scene as I envision increased foot traffic from visits to the sites.

If this works out for the first bar I’m going to move onto the next…