Stream home audio remotely, Winamp Remote

A thumbnail of Winamp RemoteNo more loading up your MP3 player to the brim just so you can cover every possible music loving situation; be that work, play or party.

Winamp Remote allows you to remotely stream your local computers content – music, videos, documents, anything! – through any broadband enabled web browser without changes to Internet security settings!

Selecting which content to share remotely took minutes and the reward of streaming Blur – The Universal in high-quality perfection from the office was sublime.

How it works though you ask? Well, here’s a run down…

  1. A background program resides on your home computer waiting for incoming connections
  2. When you select a file to play through the Winamp Remote site the server requests that file from your home computer
  3. Your home computer compresses that file in the background and streams the data to the Winamp Remote server
  4. The server packages that data into a presentable interface and you experience the content you asked for

Helped by the acceptance of rich-media over broadband and our growing lust for ever higher download limits my hope is we will see more rich-media services like this emerge. As always there are pitfalls, currently the quality of streams cannot be adjusted but the determined quality is fine for the masses, so, going to give it a try?

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