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Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2007

The Sony Ericsson Development team at have released their nominations and featured awards in the Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2007. Take a look at the winners!

Awards were divided into 5 categories including Productive Mobility, Gaming, Imaging, Music & Audio, Themes & Graphics. My favourites from each category are below.

Productive Mobility

  1. 118 Adressboken
  2. Opera Mini 4.0 – Surfing the web on your Sony Ericsson P1i just wouldn’t be the same. Love it!
  3. AccuWeather
  4. Fring
  5. Mobispine


  1. Playman Extreme Running – Parkour (urban running) in your Sony Ericsson mobile, holy shiznik!
  2. Brick Breaker Revolution
  3. Deep
  4. 3D The Fast and the Furious Fugitive
  5. Fight Night Round 3


  1. Mobiola Web Camera – Use your Sony Ericsson built-in camera as a web cam for conferencing and video chat on your computer.
  2. Slideshow Wallpaper
  3. PullFace Image Manipulator
  4. SlideShow Viewer 2
  5. AutoCam
  6. Vringo

Music & Audio

  1. Music Quiz – Played iMusic on Facebook, it’s exactly the same only you’re in control. Play Name that track and Name that artist against the music on your Memory Stick and Phone Memory
  2. Album Art Wallpaper
  3. DROPme
  4. Lyric Show 2.0/KaraOK
  5. TrackID

Themes & Graphics

I have to say I was disappointed by the nominations of this category. I would have awarded the Apple iPhone Special theme a clear winner.

  1. Contour Tracer
  2. Nature Themes
  3. Expressive lights Themes
  4. Premium generic Themes
  5. The Geeks

That was the 2007 awards, what is your favourite mobile content? Be that applications or themes. Find out all about the awards and download the winning mobile content by visiting Sony Ericsson Content Awards 2007.

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