Shared login for WordPress 2.9 and bbPress

After a morning’s searching for a resolution to my “I log into WordPress and it logs me out of bbPress” issue here on Visser Labs I came upon on a post on integrated cookies by gerikg on the bbPress Support Forums. Here’s an excerpt:

  1. Open wp-config.php within the root WordPress directory
  2. Replace the 4 default keys (e.g. AUTH_KEY, LOGGED_IN_KEY, etc.) for WordPress with the 8 keys following from the WordPress Secret Key Service
  3. Save changes to wp-config.php but keep it open for now
  4. Open bb-config.php within the root bbPress directory
  5. Replace the 4 default keys (e.g. BB_AUTH_KEY, etc.) for bbPress with the 8 keys you just generated
  6. Save changes to bb-config.php
  7. Log in as an Administrator into bbPress and open Settings > WordPress Integration, set WordPress Administrator as Key Master and all other levels as Member, finally save changes
  8. Log into the WordPress Dashboard and from the Plugins > Add New download and activate “bbPress Integration”
  9. Open bbPress Integration within Settings and enter the bbPress URL (e.g., leave the Your plugins URL blank then save changes.
  10. Paste the text from the bottom of the bbPress Integration page into – hopefully still open – wp-config.php file on line #18
  11. Save changes to wp-config.php

For full details and troubleshooting visit the original thread on the bbPress Support Forum.


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