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Setting the Store Page as the WordPress Front page in iThemes Exchange

In this short tutorial we will change the WordPress Front page on a new WordPress site from the default Blog listing to the Exchange storefront.

Create a new Page called ‘Storefront’

  1. Open Pages > Add New from the WordPress Administration
  2. Set the Page title to ‘Storefront’ (or your preferred Page name)
  3. Paste the following shortcode in the page content section

    [it-exchange-page page='store']

  4. Click Publish

Set the ‘Storefront’ page as the default Exchange Store Page

  1. Open Exchange > Settings from the WordPress Administration
  2. Click on the Pages tab
  3. Under the ‘Store Page’ entry change the Page Type from Exchange  to WordPress
  4. A new dropdown under Page Title will appear, select the new ‘Storefront’ Page you created
  5. Click Save Changes

Set the ‘Storefront’ page as the default WordPress Front page

  1. Open Settings > Reading from the WordPress Administration
  2. Under ‘Front page displays’ check the ‘A static page’ option
  3. Change the ‘Front page’ dropdown option to the new ‘Storefront’ Page you created
  4. Click Save Changes

That’s it!

Refresh the home page of your WordPress site, you now have your opening website page as the storefront.

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