SER: Linking strategies with Jon Ostler

Jon Ostler during the Linking Strategies session at Search Engine Room 2007This session was of the highest demand during the conference as we were all eager to learn ways of generating inbound traffic from other refutable webmasters; let’s face it, that’s the essence of the Internet.

In this session keynote I’ll be covering:

General introduction
Jon stressed early in the session the importance of removing non-relative features from prominent screen placements or shifting them further down the page, also worthy of mention was the interest in:

  • sponsored links on relevant targeted sites
  • placement within prominent public directories (eg. Yahoo Directory as well as local specialised directories)
  • opportunity of building linking relationships with similar competing neighborhoods

A gem from the session was the mind-set to approach gaining a link by answering the key question: Why would someone want to link to your site?

Link Baiting Top Tips

  • White, Black or Grey?
  • Debate
  • Humour
  • Fear
  • Attack (too far?)
  • News
  • Resource & Tools
  • How To Content
  • Hard to Find Content
  • Downloads
  • Competitions & Giveaways
  • Top 10 Lists!

Armageddon scenario

Jon touched on the worst fears of paid-search campaigners in the scenario that sponsored links are deemed not ethical and heavily penalised. To avoid inbound traffic drying up Jon stressed that a site needs to:

  • generate long-term traffic through organic SERP‘s
  • not rely on short-term reciprocal links for inbound traffic

Another gem was that your ranking is not influenced by PPP inbound links as it is out of the site owners control, this should not to be confused with penalties incurred when generating outbound links to PPP sites.

I took a few shots of Jon Ostler (Founder of First Rate) during his afternoon presentation.

Jon Ostler discusssing linking strategies during his session at Search Engine Room 2007Jon Ostler making hand guestures during the Linking Strategies session at Search Engine Room 2007Jon Ostler referring to the projection screen during the Linking Strategies session at Search Engine Room 2007

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