SEO workshop – writing for your audience

The internet, like all mediums, is not immune to losing its audience from endless advertising and plug ins. You can’t shift promotional copy from leaflets and brochures then expect inbound traffic.

Be concise, further to that end follow the link I provided above, who wouldn’t want to skim over Composition. Strunk, William, Jr. 1918. Elements of Style:, honestly, it is well worth absorbing as it preaches conciseness as well as structuring copy.

If your site is of a commercial nature, be professional in your approach. Describe your products, services and what benefits you can provide over other providers. Provide relevant internal product links as well as security that verifies your authenticity through link affiliation – the trading of banner and links – with industry bodies and memberships.

This collection of SEO articles will boost awareness as well as the satisfaction of your inbound traffic. Looking for more ways to boost your site, comments?

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