SEO workshop – free tools for everyone

A simple list of free internet tools that I cannot live without on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been sitting on this for weeks now, I’ll add the other providers details shortly.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

Screenshot of a Google Analytics viewGoogle Analytics

  • Visits and Pageviews over time/Daily visitors/Navigational analysis
  • Visits by New and Returning visitors/Visitor loyalty/Web design parameters
  • Visits by Referrer, Geo Location/Geo map overlay/Network location/Language
  • Overviews and detailed reports for executive, marketing and webmaster analysis
  • Content optimization and reporting from Length of Visit to Depth of Visit indicators
  • Site overlay support with traffic for individual links/Campaign ROI/Adwords analysis/CPC vs organic conversion/Keyword considerations

Google Sitemaps

SEOmoz Page Strength

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